Thursday, 3 April 2008


Had a good happy day today I have!

This morning John and I went to Rye market. I like Rye it's a really pretty little town and it's only about half and hour away. We had a nice amble round the market and I bought a lovely purple sock for my new phone! So my phone is all cozy and snug in my bag now.

After the market John and I went in search of a tea room. We have just about been in all the tea rooms in Rye but found one we hadnt been in today. It was a lovely tearoom that employed people with learning disabilities - then I read the information on the table and the teamroom was just part of an organisation that did alot for people with learning disabilities. I thought it was absolutely brilliant and I jotted down the website There is a home for over 90 people with learning disabilities and they are all employed within the organisation and money spent at the tearooms etc goes towards the charity. Absolutely brilliant! There is an art workshop and a farm and woods! I want to go visit the woods next! Go and visit the website it is really fantastic! I was really moved by it.

Then I had English this afternoon. We handed in all our course work! Feel so much better! I also feel better having read Othello! It was so uplifting - I cant explain! But beautiful and so so ooooooh I cant explain! Anyway, we also got the results of our mock exam we did last week. We all didnt do too bad really, just a few things we need to brush up on - so we were all happy buns! Also handed in my science coursework too so that's all done and dusted! Just got the exams coming up in May and June! In Science we are studying biology at the moment! Its quite interesting I will have to share some lessons with you I think! Not today though!

Right I better go because Im probably boring the pants off you!

Laine xxx


madcobug said...

Those are great places for people who need it. We have a place similiar to that not far from where we live except they don't have a restaurant there. They have vineyards, gardens and things like that and can stay there. Then there is another place near us that buses people there in the daytime with those kind of disabilities to work and make a small amount of money. Helen

egre328 said...

The Tearoom in Rye sounds wonderful.  Eileenx

jmoqueen said...

I take it you are doing photosynthesis :o)  Glad you felt better about Othello xx  Rye sounds like a nice place and how cool is that organisation to do all that stuff for Learning disabled people


ally123130585918 said...

Laine I am pleased you had a good happy day ~ glad you have handed in all your course work ~ Rye sounded lovely and the organisation looking after people with learning disabilities sounded great ~ thanks for the link will go have a look at what goes on ~ Ally x

sarajanesmiles said...

Lainey hon... you never bore me :o)

I'm glad that you and John had such a good day, the tearoom sounds cool, what did you have?  I like that there are places like that, maybe my J will find somewhere similar when he is older :o)

And yaaay for your phone with it's new purple sock.  I want to live inside a purple sock!

Sara   xxx

getmeslippers said...

Gosh you have written a lot since my last visit.  Glad that you finished your coursework.  I like Rye too, so civilised.

zoepaul6968 said...

WOW busy busy lady,I used to love going to Rye when I was a child,its such a beautiful place,not like blackpool at all,thankfully.I read othello at school and I cant remember a blessed thing about it,luckily I did for my 'o' level english but then it just flew out of my mind,no surprises there then eh? All the best with your exams I know youll do well zoe xxxxxxxxxxxx