Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Firstly, Happy, Happy birthday to Diama!!!!

It is also my step-son's birthday today too! He is 15!

Tomorrow it is John's Mum's birthday - she will be 80! Then next week on 28th it's Emma's birthday and she will be 20!

Maintenance money finally arrived!

Money was so bad we had beans on toast tonight for tea! Ha ha! enjoyed them though!

Now Ive got my maintenance I can go shopping tomorrow! Musn't go mad though!

I keep dropping things! Made cheese on toast for lunch and dropped it! Made beans on toast and dropped beans down me and then went to take my plate out and dropped the knife! Dont know what is wrong with me today!

I feel wierd because John has started his new job. He is not here during the day anymore - I feel a bit lonely! I've got to go pick him up from the station in a minute - he will get off with all the other suits! He is a suit now! LOL Hopefully soon he wont have to go up to the office so much once he has settled in. I think he will have to go to Barcelona for a week soon - a whole week! Their head office is there so he will have to go see the factory!

I'm up in London on Thursday - Joe has an MRI scan - he hasnt had one since he was three. They just want to see if his pituaritry gland has formed or fused anymore as it hadnt fused at all when he was three - hence why he is growth hormone deficient. It has a name but its really really long and medical!  Anyway, I will be able to meet John from work! That will be good!

I've got some photos from Sunday - I will post them tomorrow. Im still a bit off of journals at the mo - I'm feeling a bit funny about it all.

Love Laine xxx

p.s. Joany Joan I had shingles - its not nice you take care of yourself. xxxxx


louiseb411 said...

Happy birthday to everyone. I bet John looks smart in his suit! Good luck with the mri scan.  Love Louise xx

egre328 said...

Good luck with the MRI scan.  Oh, poor you if you have had shingles........very painful.  Hope you soon feel better about your journal as I do look forward to reading your entries.  Take care.  Eileenx

jeadie05 said...

Happy Birthday everyone ,Hope you gert good news from the scan ,sorry to hear Joan has shingles they hurt ....bad ....love Jan xx

jmoqueen said...

wow lots of birthday's going on down your neck of the woods.  Will you get to go with John to Barcelona??  Glad you got the maintenance money xx  



sarajanesmiles said...

Birthday bonanza!
I'm not sure what bonanza means... sounds good though :o)
Hope Joe's MRI scan goes well tomorrow m'dear.
Sara   xxx

mtrib2 said...

A late Happy B-Day to your Step Son.   I will have to visit Diama.   My friend Joe has shingles but he said it was not painful nor was his late mother's.   My mother had a bad case of shingles at 85 years old almost a year ago and she was on medication for pain.    I hope your food supply problem is taken care of.    Just beans is certainly not much.    I came home on April 5 after my surgery.   My neighbor Christie on the road over took care of Salty in his pen.    Our mailman had not seen my next door neighbor Paul VonBusch, aged 85, for several days.    We went to his trailer and I found him deceased.   Since then the Coroner found his neice and she drove down from Chicago, Illinois to S. Illinois here 3 other women and a trailor to haul some of his possessions.    They cleaned his trailer.   Since then Paul's only other friend has been dismanteling Paul's trailor and selling it for scrap metal.   It has been hectic but things are now calmed down and I feel better about the closure of my neighbor of over 20 years life.   mark