Friday, 11 April 2008

Friday stuff

Went to work today - was ok, John came and helped me. Finished by one!

My car annoying me. The clutch is sticking. Cant be doing with a sticky clutch.

Bored now. Dont know what to do this afternoon.

It's cold! Im cold!

Nearly at the end of my Final Fantasy game - what will I do when Ive finished! I might play it again! Hee hee!

Sam outside with John helping him with my car - they are going to lubricate the accelerator cable see if that helps. LOL I will probably speed off at high speed!

Guinea pigs are doing well - not missing their mummy - they love me now - they do! I wants guinea pigs!

Isnt that just a cute guinea pig - and look how nicely Aunty Lainey chops up their food. Got to clean them out tomorrow!  Musn't forget.

The other day when we had snow, remember that snow? Well when the sun went down everything went pink! I took some pics! I love the tree being pink!

See the flats in the distance they went all pink and shiny! See the flat that is on the right of the picture? That's where I go to college - yep! I do my English and Science there! Hee!

Laine xxxx


ally123130585918 said...

Loved the guinea pigs ~ you really do feed them well :o) ~ that PINK tree is lovely ~ Ally x

madcobug said...

That Guina Pig is so cute. I would say you are very good to them. I hope your car get straightened out soon. That tree is beautiful with the sun shining on it and so is the snow picture. Helen

jmoqueen said...

Cool piccies and I agree the guinea pig is gorgeous :o)  One of my german friends has guinea pigs and they were frightened very easy by people but they were very vocal lol............Well done for nearly finishing your game xx


sugarsweet056 said...

Awww such a gute gpig.{{}}
Have a lovely wkend.

jlocorriere05 said...

The little guinea pig is cute, I used to love hearing mine squeak when I went out to them! I love your pink world! Lol! Is this what they mean by looking at the world through rose tinted glasses?! Lol! I'm so glad the snow has gone but isn't the wind cold today?! Jeannette xx  

egre328 said...

Loved the snowy pix......awwwww cutie guinea pig too.  You are a good chopper upper (of food that is).  Eileenx

sarajanesmiles said...

Get you to the shop and buy another Final Fantasy game, that's what you do when you've finished :o)  

I love the ickle guinea pig... I want one too!
And goldfish.
And mice.
And budgies.
And a bunny... anything small and fluffy really.
Other than goldfish, they're small, but they aren't fluffy.

Aww... what's his name?

Sara   xxx

PS - the pink stuff is cool :o)