Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Chessington postponed.

Had my hair cut today I did! I had the top stylist in Toni and Guys! Whooooo I hear you say! Well it looks good now and Im happy - he (thats my hairdresser) - he was rather gorgeous LOL, well he said my hair colour was lovely! Looks even better now I have a really good cut on it. Its layered bob and its quite short at the back and long at the front.

Chessington is postponed! Naughty Tesco clubcard deals did not get the tickets here on time and as the post never arrives til late we cant go tomorrow! hmmmph! We are all fed up but we still get to go next Thursday! yay!! So tomorrow we are going on a picnic to  Camber Sands, Nr. Rye instead! Should be good - lots of sand dunes to jump on and lots of sand to dig! Thats Oscar sorted - dont know what the kids will do! LOL .... Only kidding course Im taking the kids!

Bought a new memory card for my phone - 4GB and it cost £30.00 - it's tiny - I cant believe how tiny it is! Well I can now get thousands of songs on my phone so please can you suggest some music I can put on! I like to listen to new stuff I havent listened to before so let me have all your recommendations! Thanks xxxx

Right Im off to sort out my phone and start putting music on! Probably take me all night!

Laine xxx



egre328 said...

Awwww shame about Chessington but at least you have it to look forward to next week.  ~Enjoy your picnic!  Eileenx

labdancer51 said...

Hi Lainey, shame about Chessington but at least you can still go next week.  I haven`t been to Camber Sands since my two were little. I remember Danny had a little plastic golf set that his grandad bought him, he put it on the sand for a minute and when he turned around it had vanished. We dug around in the sand for ages but never found it. Have a great time there and look out for the golf!  I hope we get to see the new haircut, it sounds fab. Mine is cut in the same way but because mine was short to start with the sides are still growing down. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

jmoqueen said...

Queen, Foo Fighters and Kaiser Chiefs :o)  That's what I suggest for your phone to sound the best lol............My hair is usually cut in that style, we must be very much in fashion ;)  Sorry to hear Chessington isn't happening till next week but I hope you have fun in the sand dunes xx