Thursday, 31 January 2008

Pears gone

Hmmm now Im sad coz Ive eaten all the Pears. x

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Taylor's Gold

Im so excited coz I have found Taylor's Gold pears in Sainsburys - they are limited edition! They are the best pears I have ever tasted! yummy!! Me gonna have them with ice cream yay xxxxx

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Nice day for the beach by Oscar

My mummy took me to the beach today, it's my favourite place.

Come on Daddy I'll race ya!

You gonna come or not?

Whoooooooo hooooo its great in here! Your missing out!

Awwwwwww but I don't wanna go home yet.

Awww ok then, I'm going, I'm going.

That was my day at Camber!

Love Oscar xxxx


Saturday, 26 January 2008


Im full up now! Just ate a chinese - it was yubbly yummly yummy yum it was! But, I hope it don't upset my tummy tum tum! hee hee Burp!

Im sooooooo excited - it dont take much! I bought Pogo Island for my DS and its so good - I loves it! I get to transfer the tokens to my Pogo account - I dont know if I told you but I am a Pogo addict - check it out! Well I loves it!

We got excited over Sims Castaway coz we found a crew mate! yay!!! Sam and Joe have taken it over a bit - but I dont mind coz Ive got my Pogo Island.

Right back to the joys of Saturday night TV! Harry Hills TV Burps then I think we have Dancing on Ice Make me a star - actually I love these programmes! hee hee.

Laine xxx

Thursday, 24 January 2008


I'm still not well. I've got that nasty Irritable Bowel thing back. I had that when I was working at the school and I put it down to stress. Well Im not stressed now so why it come back? :0(. Hmmmph! I bought some of those anti bacterial yoghurt type drinks today - you know the ones. Anyway, see if they help my tummy get better.

We went to our Tesco temporary store today - coz we are getting a brand new Tesco in about a year's time! So excitedly I got John to take me to the temporary one coz I like new things I do. I liked it! It's still got everything you want and I still got the pharmacy there for Sam and Joe's injections - phew.

Just had to break off to chat to my Mum - she was really chatty - she is enjoying her retirement and she is going to try some sort of salsa dancing tomorrow with her friends. I think she is enjoying not being at work.

My friend and I were fed up today at work. Two of the girls doing lodges have only got two lodges done so far.  June and I have got five done.  We are both on schedule - in fact I did a little schedule for us and it left us a week to do all the bitty bits. Now our supervisor is saying that we have to hurry up coz the other girls are behind and they will need help!!! Oh noooooooooo now me and June are gonna slow down. Also in some of the lodges we have done already I discovered new ovens delivered!! HMMMM took me ages to clean them ovens just for them to go on the scrap heap! Be nice if they had told us!  Oh well.

But.......... I have tea breaks when I like - I had my lunch at 11am and I left work at 12.00!! Hee hee so it isnt all that bad and I love my Juney that I work with I do!

Thank you Sara Sara for my little smilies - cheered me up they did.

Watched 28 Weeks Later (film) - it was good! I never knew Robert Carlisle could be so scary! yikes!!!  My next film to come is Little Miss Sunshine - quite a contrast! Hee hee. Im a right little film buff arent I! Well I like it so much I upgraded my Amazon rental thingy to 4 DVDs a month! We gets to have two at a time too!! YAY!!!

See you soon peeps - I will try come round see you all sometime - I know, I know Im so terrible at that!

Laine xxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Not well

I don't feel way today, I don't.

Went to London today to see the queen.

Nah not really we went to the hospital in London. Sam and Joe are doing really well on their growth hormones! I wasnt well on the way up there - John gave us a lift as he had an appointment in London so it saved us a fortune in train fares.  John dropped us off at Canary Wharf - but that time I was green. I did not travel very well - I felt so sick. Anyway, we went straight to the Boots store and I got some tablets from the pharmacist and I felt much much better after that. Then we went off on the tubes to the hospital.

A hour and half wait at the hospital! We got fed up! Still its good news that the boys are doing well. Joe has to have a MRI scan next time we go just to see how his pituatry gland is doing.

I must get on with some Science and English tonight - not done any for ages.

I don't feel well now - sore throat and very tired. Hope Im not coming down with something!

We got our next film from the Amazon DVD rental - its "28 Weeks later" - not seen 28 days later so I hope that doesnt matter! I likes belonging to this DVD club!

Still sorry I dont visit your journals like I used to - I still think of you all.

Laine xx

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Class and Corruption

Class and Corruption.

Click on the above link and you will see what I got involved with today!! YAY!

Singing! I love singing but I've never known if I'm any good or had any singing lessons. I can't read music but I can hear the beat and I can count it by listening - no way am I professional in anyway.

Today, Mia, Carol and I went along to a workshop for a brand new musical event for Rother. Rother is sort of the area we live in. It said all welcome - even bathroom singers. You didn't have to be professional.

It was so so good! Really uplifting and we really enjoyed it. It will end up being a production in 2009 and we could be part of it! I've always wanted to be in a choir on a stage! yay!!

La la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Laine xxx

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


I sold three books on Amazon today - I've got loads on there - all my books from college (about collecting and psychology and stuff)  - one of the books Im selling is for £75.00! Not sold that one yet but I have it listed at a low price - someone is asking £132.00 for the same book! Could do with some pennies - so hope I sell them all!

I'm trying to write my essay tonight about Offred - she is the narrator in Handmaid's Tale - she is the main character in the book. She is a Handmaid trapped in Gilead. Handmaid's are taken in to make a baby for a commander and his wife. All the women in Gilead are infertile so any women that are still fertile become Handmaids. It's all about how Offred gets through this time and how she remembers what it was like before Gilead. Anyway, Im going on a waffle now! LOL

I havent played my Sims Castaway for ages  - Im missing it!

Me and John have joined DVD rental with Amazon - our first film is The Wicker Man - Nicholas Cage film. Dont know when we going to watch that - but we are allowed two films a month - exciting!!!

Laine xxx

Sunday, 13 January 2008

My Nan

I did some clearing out today - I have a very cluttered Dining Room - it's all my art stuff and college stuff - five years worth of it!

I came across a picture of my Nan, Alice Elizabeth Newberry. My Nanny. It was a photograph taken on 7th September 1993. It was her 89th birthday and it was the day I gave birth to my Sam. It's a lovely photo - it shows her sitting by a big bouquet of flowers that I had sent her jointly with my brother Phil. I had arranged a delivery of flowers just incase I was making a delivery of my own and I was! She was so so happy that I had Sam on her birthday. It was a very special day.

She was a very special Nan. She looked after me and my brother alot when my mum and dad were at work. We did lots with her, she took us to the park, we made puppet theatres out of cereal boxes, we played cards, we read and best of all she would tell us stories and recite poetry. Oh how I wish I could remember them.

When I found the photo today it made me smile - it was a special photo in many ways. It made me cry also - I cried because I miss her so so much - after 14 years I still get sad when I think about her.

My Nan died just before her 90th birthday - I refuse to remember the date she died - I dont know why.  All I remember is that it was about a week or so before her 90th birthday. She was in hospital when she died - she had had a fall and broken her hip - not good when you are nearly 90. I kept saying to her Nan you got to hold on - you got to have your birthday with Sam - it would be Sam's first birthday and her 90th.  She held my face in her hands and kept shaking her head.  I didnt want my Nan to leave me. Not now.

My Nan's funeral was the most saddest I have ever been to (and I have been to a lot in my life believe me) - it was like part of me was going - she was like a mum to me - she was my guide - my inspiration and my teacher.  I loved her so so much.  My brother had to hold me up as my legs went to jelly as soon as I saw the hearse.  Also I was angry as my uncle was there and he had not seen my Nan for years and years and I knew how much he hurt her.  How dare he be there at the funeral!  He had to live with that though.

My Sam took over my Nan's birthday - and I still feel her with me now. I will never ever ever forget her - she is the reason I am who I am today.

My Nan.

Laine xxxxx

Here are your favourite flowers Nan, yellow roses.

Friday, 11 January 2008


Here I am again up and awake in the middle of the night. My sleepless nights are coming far too often and I'm beginning to get really fed up with it.  I will have to go back to the Docs about it.

Firstly, there is my back which plays up every single night. I think I've said before about it - well it never goes away. I have very uncomfortable stuff going on in my left foot because of my back. The pins and needles in my foot is the worst to bear. Drives me insane that does! I won't go on about the rest - too much to talk about.

Then there is my restless legs thingy wotsit - had that as long as I can remember. Hate it - I just can't keep my legs still and the pain thing that goes on there is weird.

Then there is my hot flushes - age thing! I wake up like someone has literally thrown water all over me in bed. Not nice! I have to go get some towels and wrap myself in them coz I cant wake John just to change the sheets - wouldnt be fair.

Then there is my mind that just whirls round and round about wierd stuff! At least my mind isnt so depressed lately - which is a relief. I didnt realise how depressed I was til now really! Now I'm happy and feel better in myself I now know just how down I was when I was working at the school.

So I gets up - take huge amounts of tablets, voltoral, ibrobrufen, calms! Need stronger tablets I think. But, what the hell are these tablets doing to my insides! And, I cant just rely on tablets to calm me down all the time can I?

Then I go sit in the lounge, put the computer on and wait. Wait til I'm so so tired that I will just hopefullysleep when I eventually get to bed. But, sometimes that does not happen! hmmmm then I'm very tired in the day and want to sleep and try not to as I wont sleep at night and so it goes on!

Laine x

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Ebay addicted

Now Im tempted to bid more on Stuart's Wii!!! Sara keeps beating me!! Im now watching it! hee hee  xxxxx

Nintendo DS for Sale! UK buyers only.

It's incredible how much interest we are having in my Sam's DS - people are going mad for them at the moment as they are low on stock in the shops. If anyone likes watching auctions or wants to buy it the auction ends at 7.30 tonight. Click on the link above. Im all excited as it already is up to £65! So reserve is met! If you have a DS you dont want now is the time to sell!!!

Laine xxx

Yay it sold for £97.98!!!!!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Awwwwwwwwww - it's nice to know that people miss you isnt it. Natalie from the school, who I really got on well with sent me this lovely e.card today.


Beautiful Day

Me, Oscar, Joe and Happy had a lovely wonderful walk this morning in Battle Great Woods.  Have a look at the link - it's a beautiful walk - I should take some pictures next time.  (That's my friend Joe not my little Joe).

There was no Science lesson today - it starts next week - so as it was such a beautiful day I texted Joe to see if he was free for a walk as it was such a beautiful day - lovely sun shining. Also was nice to catch up with him and find out all about his Christmas and how he is getting on with his new girlfriend!

Then after the walk we went back to his house for a cup-of-tea and lots of Doritos LOL - Joe has loads leftover from Christmas - then my mate Mia came round too and we all had a good ole natter.

Oscar is now flaked out on his blanket, bless him.

Love Laine xxxx


Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Im really tired! Really tired.

I worked hard today I did! June and I have 11 lodges to do in about 5 weeks. We are going to work 3 days a week - we should get them done - We are both very thorough cleaners so we will probably take longer than everyone else but I'd rather the job was done properly.  June is going to do the bedrooms etc. and Im going to do the kitchens. I love doing the kitchens although it means my hands constantly in hot water and cleaning stuff. (Manky hands like you Sara!) I will have to invest in good handcream!

We did well today but we didnt finish our first lodge yet. We are going to do two at a time, clean the carpets then move on to the next two. I make sure the heating is on ahead so we go into nice warm lodges.  We have got 21 to 30 and then we have got 43 as well. I will have to take a piccy tomorrow to show ya! Crikey can't believe I just wrote about all that - how boring LOL.

I'm back to science class tomorrow morning - no work! yay! I have done no homework at all - so spose I better do some later.  I've so much I want to do - I want to finish my new Koontz novel coz its so good, I wanna play with my Sims Castaway coz Im worried about my girl and I havent found one crew member yet, I need to do my English homework too coz I've got English on Thursday and I also need to finish getting my badge on Pogo coz its new badges tomorrow! I never thought I'd be so busy LOL! All stuff I like doing though! yay!!

OOPS not taken Oscar out today yet!! Awww bless my Oscar - tomorrow I shall take him on a nice long walk in the afternoon coz I will have afternoon free tomorrow yay!!

See you laters.

Lainey xxxx

Sunday, 6 January 2008

I can't think of a subject!

End of holidays!! boooooooooo!

Went to Christmas do on Saturday night at Crowhurst Park with all my workmates. It was soooo good! It was a Casino night and all the drinks were on the house and there was food too.  John and I played Blackjack all night - not real money!! John won 220 tokens on the Blackjack - I lost all mine! But we had such a good time. Was also good to be back with all my old workmates again. John put his 220 on red on the roulette and it came up!! yay!!! So he ended up with 440 tokens but he didnt win the prize coz someone had won 2,000!  My boss, bless her, was so drunk and as John and I left she hugged us both and told us how much she loved us! Everyone was staying in lodges as the holidaymakers are all gone now. I wished we could have done but our babysitter couldnt stay all night.  

Today we went shopping to buy Sam and Joe new school trousers! And then........ I decided to buy a new Playstation 2 with my Christmas money (coz my old one had broked) - I already had £80 on my Game card. I got Buzz Hollywood with it - that is brilliant - so funny!  I also got a Singstar game (to add to our collection) and I bought Sims Castaway - think that's Sara's fault!  The boys have taken over the Sims game though and Im a bit confused coz I dont know where my girl is now and I think she is lost.  I might start another game!

I was really fed up because I saw the book I bought for £18 the other day half price in Smith's today!! Hmmmmph - but it's so good I really don't mind - it's the new Dean Koontz and it's called The Darkest Evening of the Year. It's all about a Golden Retriever - that's why I bought it - it's really good!!!

I also bought some more books the other day - I got a bargain in Smith's I got all the Jane Austen novels for just £4.99!!  I have never read them all! So I've got alot of reading to do.  I really have to get on with my English homework - I'm supposed to have an essay written about The Handmaid's Tale for the end of the week!! Eeeeeek!!! Also I havent done my Science project yet either!! Crikey where has the time gone!! OOOOh I almost forgot I have another Margaret Attwood book, I got for Christmas from Emma, it's The Blind Assassin - think that will be good too.

OOOH and I bought another book called Myrren's Gift - by Fiona McIntosh and its book one in a series of books called The Quickening! Never ever read her books so Im looking forward to that too.  Crikey Ive got so much to read!!! Also got to read Othello soon too!!! Cripes!!!!

Sorry Im so into books at the moment that Im going to bore you!

Im back to work tomorrow at the holiday park - I've got my partner June and we are really looking forward to working together - she is lovely! Im going to be working Mondays and Tuesdays til 3pm and Thursdays til 12.00 noon. I will be at Science class Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons and be at English lessons on a Thursday afternoon. So I will be very busy!

I have definately decided I am not going back to the school at all - not even voluntary as I dont see why I should give them any of my free time.  I will continue at Crowhurst Park until I can find something else.  I do feel much happier!

Laine xxxxxx

p.s. but Im sad tonight coz my John is away! :0(

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Back at work

Hi everyone.

Well I'm back at work - Crowhurst Park - that is.

When I worked at the school, Robsack Wood, I always dreaded going in - everyday I would moan and everyday I would feel nervous and didn't like it - but something kept me going and part of me still wanted to work there.  Now I go back to my silly ole cleaning job and I love it! I get up all happy, I go into work with no problem - I dont moan and Im so very very happy! What does this mean?

I'm still in a dilema whether to go back to the school next week on a voluntary basis - or just cut my ties with the school altogether.  It could be that I just didnt like being in that particular school - I might be better in a different school.  I wanted to do so well there - it was familiar to me - my children were there - Im a governor there.  I wanted to be a teacher there - but I hated every day - I loved the children though - really loved them.  But, you felt like you were treading on egg shells all the time - being watched and being judged all the time. Wondering if you were doing the right thing or not.  Also the way I was treated on the last day sort of tells me that that particular person would not be willing to support me in my teacher training.

I think the best thing for me to do is not go back there at all and try find another school or find something else to do!  Im going to work at Crowhurst for the next couple of months at least.  What can I do? What can I be? I've got a degree! Anyway, the most exciting thing is that I have decided I want to be happy and I will only take a job that makes me happy. I was so so ill working at the school - I really dont want to feel like that again.

Cleaning me lodges again tomorrow - I loves it!! YAY Am I mad???

Love Laine xxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy New Year everyone!

Well 2008!! Great!

We went to London to celebrate New Year - it was really good - great atmosphere.

This is where we stood - right behind the London Eye - It was so pretty lots of pretty lights - Sara you would love the pretty lights!


Here are my boys - Jason (my best friend's boy, Maria), John, James and Chris.  Sam and Joe didnt want to come as too much walking to be done! LOL So Maria looked after them and Oscar for me.


Me and Chris! It was cooooolddddd!!!  brrrrrr

It was well worth going - the fireworks were out of this world - amazing! So loud too - and also we could see and hear Big Ben!  We didnt get home til 4am though coz we had to take James and Chris home first.

Happy New year all!!

Love Laine xxxx