Monday, 30 July 2007

1.35 am

I cant believe im still up its 1.35 am in the morning!! Will have to have lay til 9 to recover! Thats if I can sleep LOL

Im just popping in to say that Im so sorry Ive not been over to your journals to see y'all. Ive not had puter on much and as its summer hols now I doubt I will be on puter much at all - so Im turning alerts off for now - I'm away for a while so take care folks and have a lovely summer hols!!

Love Laine xxxx


Sunday, 29 July 2007

We went to Devon

Went to Devon to see Irene and her family.

When I was married to my ex and Irene was married to her ex - we were sort of related. Irene was married to my husbands uncle.  And, Irene had Katie around the same time I had my Sam.  Me and Irene were very close for years. But, then she broke up with George and I broke up with Dave. I got with John and she got with Derek - we met up a few times and then I moved and she moved and we didnt see each other for years but we still kept in touch.

Anyway, it was her 50th birthday this weekend and she asked us to come and we said yes! I'm so glad that we went - we had such a lovely time. It was lovely to see them all again. Toby, Irene's eldest, I first met when he was 2 and now he is nearly 20!! yikes! Katie I've know since she was born (14 now!) and I had lots of cuddles with her this weekend. Sam and Joe were really pleased to see her too - she is their second cousin. They love her to bits.

We thought at first we wouldnt enjoy ourselves, as we didnt know anyone at the party apart from Irene's family. But, John and I just went on in and partied and danced and had a good time. It was brilliant. But, I didnt sleep very well - John and I slept in the caravan and the party went on til 3am! Then we had to drive all the way home today.  Took us 7 hours to get there on Saturday and 5 hours to get home today but it was sooooooooo worth it and after not seeing them all for about 5 years it was great to see them all again. I dont want to leave it so long next time!

We looking for a tent for our camping trip at end of August - found a lovely one today its a Pescara 8 (Royal) - we have looked at so many!! Think that is the one for us!

Sorry I've not been reading journals - I cant sit at puter for too long - does my back in at the moment! Also Im so so tired! Awwww I will get round to you soon!

Love Laine xx

Thursday, 26 July 2007

I've got a myspace

This is the first day of the skool holidays! yay! Had a lay in we did this morning me and my boys! Then we went into town together.  Joe and I bought the books that were missing from our Harry Potter collection and now we have them all!  Sam bought Sims Pets for the Playstation 2 - its really good! Im waiting for him to get fed up with it!! LOL

Sam has just made me into a Sim and Ive got a great dane but it looks like a dalmation and its name is Ricky! I think my dog will be the best one!

Just found out yesterday that I will be working with one of my neighbours at the school - she already had a job there and she told me yesterday that we will be working together - must go see her later get some more info!!

If any of you have go My Space then go add me to your friends by clicking on the link you can see myspace!! I quite like it there and it  might be a place for me when I finally get this mac code and go on to virgin - Im fed up with AOL they not given me the code yet and Im really cross!

Here is the link

But Im still keeping this journal going - I kinda feel at home here and I love all my J-land friends.

Love Laine xx

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Joe left Robsack today!

This is Joe with his friend's Jordan and Jack. Jordan, Jack, Joe. This was in Le Touquet in France last week.

Here is a picture when we were waiting to go in the sea life centre in Boulogne (dont know how to spell that!) - I really like this picture he is with his favourite teacher Miss Halls (Rachel) - she taught Joe for two years. She wasnt his teacher this year but she was involved in year six so he got to see her for literacy lessons. My Joe is the one on her right - our left! I put this picture in her farewell card today - she loved it. She is leaving the school to work at a school nearer her home. We will miss her very much - she is just the best teacher! I will keep in touch with her.

Joe's class did a lovely assembly this morning they sang songs to the tunes of Sound of Music - it was really good and very sad - we all cried. We dont want our children to grow up and move to senior school! I filmed the assembly so Joe and I have always got that to look at!  It will seem wierd for me when I drop the boys off to school in September and then drive to Robsack on my own - no Joe :0(

My baby boy has grown up!

Laine xxx


Tuesday, 24 July 2007

I'm graduated!

Will post more tomorrow!

I had a good day!

Laine xxxx

Monday, 23 July 2007

Happier and back better!!

:o) <----- Happy look Sara me happy - so Sara happy too!! Look see ----> :0)

Thanks for all your hugs yesterday - I did need them!

Better now - all better now!

Horrible pain gone - nasty, nasty horrible pain - hated it - cried I did!

Tomorrow is my big day - the day I wear the cap and gown! Hee hee - I shall feel all important!

Wish you could all come with me!

Will put pics in as soon as I can.

Love Laine xxx

I did purple coz I like it!


Sunday, 22 July 2007

Bloomin Back and feeling sad



Hmmmmmm again.

I missed out on going out and having pictures taken with John's family because of my bloomin back! Been fed up all day - here all alone and feeling sorry for myself. Now Im not part of that family day.

Oh crikey why am I moaning! I just seen the pictures of the towns under flood water - oh my god! Its awful - I feel so sorry for them - what's happening to our country - its really scary!

Im gonna stop moaning!

Laine x

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Saturday pain

Im in pain today - immense pain - its my flippin back - sometimes it just sends very bad pains through my foot and its bad - very bad - I have to lay in bed in a certain position until it subsides - it didnt subside today - now Im drugged to me eyeballs! Its calmed down a bit - I just hope it goes away - it normally only lasts a day.

Hope you are all having a good weekend!

Me and John have booked our holiday - we are going to Majorca on the 11th August for a week - just the two of us but we havent told the kids because we dont want to upset them - we cant afford to take them but John really needs a break - they are all on holiday that week, John's kids with their mum and my kids with their dad.  We feel so guilty not taking them but we are going to take them camping at the end of August for a week - we are going to go to Norfolk with them and then maybe we can meet with my brother too as he lives in Norwich.  The kids will love camping and seeing my brother, my sister-in-law and little Stanley.  So anyway we have decided we are not going to tell the kids we are going abroad especially as we are going to the place we took them last year and they loved it - we shall miss the kids so much but we just cant afford for all of us to go.

Laine xxxx

Whoops D I might need your help! Dont think the animation is working sorry hun - hey folks this is supposed to be animated - isnt it lovely - a tag from D's Designs.

Friday, 20 July 2007


Hmmmm Brains thinks my John is serious looking - yeah he is isnt he! I must find a better pic to put on my sidebar! I can't find a good one of me and John - but I will eventually!

Did bog all today - nothing - nowt - zilch!

Last night it thundered all night - Oscar and thunder dont mix.  When I went to bed last night I was shattered - I knew I would sleep (coz most nights I dont) and when my head hit the pillow I was off for a lovely slumber.  But, Oscar decides to whimper at the door and he has to go downstairs coz he dont like the thunder. So I stumbles down behind him - with my eyes barely open - coz John does not wake up at all!

So this morning after staying up nearly all night with Oscar I slept - I was happy sleeping and I slept til 12.00 mid-day! Then at lunch-time John and I went into town - so I did do something I spose!

Do you know that the whole country has had rain today and we had none at all! YAY! Even the sun came out!

Weekend here again! Having my hair done tomorrow - highlighted and cut. About time -not had my hair done for ages! Got to look nice for my graduation on Tuesday! OOOOH its Tuesday! LOL

On Sunday we are meeting up with John's brother and his family as we are going to have lots of photos taken.  It is John's mum and dad's wedding anniversary on the 10th August (50th!!) thats their golden! So we are going to put together an album of all of us and the kids for them! My idea!

If you are not on my sidebar could you please put your journal link with your comment so I can add you on. Thanks xxx

Have a good weekend all. Lainexxxx

Thanks for the tag Donna.


Thursday, 19 July 2007

Thursday- Today I have a story for you.

YAY Gina managed to comment on my journal - thanks Gina! YAY - welcome to journal land hun!

Did my micro teach today - I hated doing it! I chose to talk about fractions - silly subject to talk about really. Anyway, didnt like it one bit! Bit worrying seeing as I want to be a teacher LOL!

Anyway, in English this afternoon my tutor said she loved my little short story I wrote and I had to read it out to the class - so now I'm going to write it here just for all of you. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.

The hardest decision.

She stood there wondering what she should do next. Alone in a world of confusion. A state of mind never felt before. So frightening to not be in control, "Why can't I control my life anymore?" she thought. "What is outside this mind state I am in?" Why can't I operate? Why can't I think? Am I losing my mind?

It had been a big decision, a hard decision, but one that needed to be made. If it wasn't made then she would go mad, insane, crazy! Nobody can help. No-one can make decisions for you. She turned and looked at her children playing happily. They had no idea that their world was about to crash around them. Nothing would ever be the same again. She took a huge breath and turned to her husband who was still talking. He had been talking for the last ten minutes, nagging her, interrogating her, really getting at her. He got to her so much that she had learn't to block him out. She had this brilliant knack of being able to go into her own world, pretend he wasn't there anymore.

"It's over" she said, staring right through him as if he wasn't ever there.

"Oh, right. Just like that then." he shouted.

Typical, she thought. Typical answer. She didn't care anymore. She had become numb, hardened, stronger.

"Yes, just like that." She smiled at him.

"Right, so who is telling the kids then?" he snarled.

"Well, I don't think it's the time orplace for that", she said in annoyance.

She ran over to her children and embraced them. They are all she had now. "It's just you and me kids", she thought as she cuddled them close.

Five years later.............

She will never forget that day, the day she made the hardest decision of her life. The pain, the confusion, the emptiness. She just can't believe that her life was so miserable. The children are so happy now; she is so happy now. He went away out of their lives, the best thing he could ever have done. It was hard on the children at first. They missed thier daddy so much. She felt guilty, as if she had driven him away. Now she is in her new life, new man and new dreams.

Well Im sure you will guess that that is a true story and its about me! Yes it is! I'm going to be writing lots of little short story type creative writing type thingies! So I will write them in here when I've done them! Share them with you all.

Love Laine xxxx


Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Just for my Gina

I wasn't going to write an entry tonight and my friend Gina texted me and said 'oh no, no journal'. Bless her - well here I am hun - Im here!! Look - its me!! YAY Gina hasn't got AOL so she cant comment but I know she reading!

Well I don't feel myself today.

Had a very very unproductive day. I really didnt feel like doing anything at all. On Monday I really was motivated and tied up my bedroom. Today I was sposed to do the lounge and I didnt! Couldnt be bothered. In fact, I went back to bed and read my book for ages - like nearly all day!! Ha Ha!!!

Well I didnt sleep very well last night so probably why I was lazy.

Went round my friend Joe's after school for a cuppa. Maria and Carol were there too. Nice when we all get together - it will seem weird when my Joe not at that school anymore. I wonder if I will still meet up with them as much - I hope I do!!! Im sure I will!! But my little Joe will have moved on and have new friends.

John and I had a very lovely walk along Bexhill Beach tonight - the sea was right out and we walked along the sands in the sunlight.  It was lovely - quite romantic really.

I've got my teaching lesson tomorrow and I've got to think of a micro-teach to do to the rest of the class - got to be 15 minutes long - Ive left it a bit late - I cant think of anything to do!!! yikes!!! I best get on with it.

Love Lainey xxxxxxx


Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Hello again hello I just stopped to say Hello

I don't know why but I feel like singing! Silly me.

Sugar was the first person to comment in my new journal!!! YAY for Sugar - so coz she was the first one I'm gonna use one of her tags so its the first tag in my new journal!! YAY

That's a lovely tag to put in my journal for a start - thanks Sug!!!

And lovely lovely Sara she put the most comments in my new journal - 3!!! Bless her!

Today I bought two more books to read. A while back Sara recommended a book by Dean Koontz - 'Watchers' - I loved it - it was fantastic - so I bought another one by him called 'False Memory' and I am loving that too! Sara you got me into Dean Koontz now! Anyway, today in Tesco they did an offer of two Dean Koontz books for a fiver! So I bought 'The Taking' and 'The Face' - have you read them Sara? Now I can't wait to read my current one to get on to read the next!! hee hee - I loves it when Ive got books lined up to read.

Im missing Stuart - I do hope he is having a good time on his hols!!

AOL havent sent me the code yet to de-activate my account - grrrrrrrrrrr. I cant wait to get on virgin and see what its like - Im especially excited that I can do my journal from my internet explorer - YAY!! I hope it still stays like that when Virgin are in!

Right Im off now - you take care all!! Diama I still havent forgot you and I wont! You know what I mean hun! LOL I'm looking for that special something that I knows you will like!

Love Laineyxxx


Monday, 16 July 2007

Here it is a new beginning

It feels like a new beginning - new journal - new life!

I feel better - I feel happier.

I think I'm getting more positive - that's good!

I start my new job in September and I'm looking forward to that.

I'm graduating next week and that will mark the end of one era and the start of another.

I've got more motivated - I've started sorting my life, organising things and sorting things - I feels much better I do!

I even got this new journal that I can hopefully still use even though AOL won't be my internet provider anymore soon.  So let's hope this works guys and let me know what you think of my new journal - I will be adding you all to my sidebar soon! So leave your journal link when you comment please.

Love Lainey Laine xxxxxx