Saturday, 17 May 2008

Saturday stuff

Planning for bunny commences today. Well acutally I should say Bunnies! We are going to get two coz little bunnies like to have company! We are going to look at hutches and runs today - I've found alot on the internet - there are a lot of companies that make them! It works out cheaper than making them ourselves and you have to have special wood treatment so as not to harm the little things! There is more to think about than I thought to look after a little bunny wabbit! Im researching and learning coz I want mine to have the best home ever!!

I fell over the other day - silly me! I really hurt myself - hurt my shoulder and my leg - does not do my back very good!! It was also embarrassing as all my friends were waiting for me at the bottom of the hill! They were lovely to me though - then I burst into tears!  It was just before my English exam too! But I think I did well in that! Just had to talk to the examiner for half an hour - he was really nice.

I spoke to my Aunty last night - my Aunty Pat - she is 78 years young. She is now thinking of her future - where will she live when she cant cope with her house. She lives in the house that my Mum was brought up in and was my Nanny's house. My Aunty Pat never left home and when her husband died she and my Nan lived together til my Nan died. My Aunty Pat looked after my Nan. When I was little I used to stay with my Nan and Aunty Pat alot whilst my Mum and Dad were working. My Nan was like a second Mum to me - I was very close to her. Also my Aunty Pat has no children of her own and has always thought of me and Phil very fondly. She is a good Aunty Pat! Anyway, I told her that she should never worry - I would never let her go into a home. We are thinking of building an extension so she can come live with us. But it means her moving away from Portslade and moving to Hastings. She said she wont mind that - she can make friends at any of the churches here in Hastings. I told her that there is a church right behind our house - so as long as she has her Church she said she would feel great. Also she would have me to look after her.  I want to be able to do that.  The other option is to sell both houses and buy one already with a Granny annexe. Lots to think about! I just don't want my Aunty Pat to go in a home when she is unable toget around and I also dont want my Mum and Dad to have that worry either!

Right Im off bunny shopping.

Laine xxx

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Not so bad now.

I'm not feeling so bad now about the exam! It's past history now! Can't do anything about it so I just hope that the next Science exam is ok!

I did really well in my English Mock today so that cheered me up - so next exam is English at 2.30! That is Speaking and Listening - should be good at that LOL!

I want to thank you all for still coming to see me even though I havent been to visit you! I just couldnt cope with alerts at the moment!

Right now for the super dooper ree dooper ree doo piece of news! Bet you can't guess what it is!! Shall I tell you now or shall I keep you waiting?Hmmmmm right .............. hmmmmmm ok then. The reason I am so so excited is that John is going to build me a hutch - yes Im going to live in a hutch! ha ha

NOOOOOOOOOOO you silly people Im not going to live in a hutch! We are going to get a new little friend and it's gonna be a ickle bunny rabbit!! Awwwwww Im so excited! John is going to make the hutch and a run so it will probably be a little while yet and I got to be patient but Ive always always wanted a rabbit!! yay!!! I said to John that I want it to live indoors with me so I can cuddle it at night LOL But he wont let me do that - I might sneak him in when John isnt looking hee hee!!!

Laine xxxx

Monday, 12 May 2008

Exam over

The exam was very very hard! I did rubbish - I really did! Im in a bad mood about it! I didnt even finish it! It was that bad! In fact no one in the room finished it! Everyone thought it was hard!

English on Thursday! Speaking and listening! Im good at that! I hope!

Laine x

Sunday, 11 May 2008


Science tomorrow - think of me at one oclock!!! xxx

Thursday, 1 May 2008


I have turned off my alerts folks - I havent managed to get round journals lately because I am revising for my exams. This is what I've got coming up!

Monday 12th May - Science paper!

Thursday 15th May - English - speaking exam. (Ive got to talk that shouldnt be hard for me!)

Tuesday 3rd June - English Paper 1

Thursday 5th June - English Paper 2

Monday 23rd June - Science Module 1! (Will do modules 2 and 3 in January next year!


Now I know how every 16 year old feels in the country and I only have two subjects to do!

Laine xxx