Monday, 21 July 2008

Its me again

Hello everyone,

How are you all? I dont know why but I just havent felt like writing in my journal lately. Obviously! I probably dont have any readers anymore! LOL I hope your not all too angry with me!

I've been a bit down with myself and feeling a bit like I dont know what to do future wise and stuff. All a bit complicated really but my head is complicated. LOL

Now lets see if I can catch you up on what Ive been up to!

Sam and Joe both got excellence awards at school. Sam for overall and Joe for Music!

Sam got a letter from his headteacher to congratulate him on being a really good prefect and an ambassador and credit to his school. (Proud mummy I am!).

I dyed my hair again,

Its brown now!!!

I've been given another job at work! I'm going to train as a receptionist on Friday! So that means when they are short I can cover. Means I wont be cleaning on those days and I wear a suit!! OOOOOH!!!! Going up in the world LOL

Went to see Mamma Mia twice and absolutely loved it!!

I've started scrapbooking and making handmade greeting cards! Will post some pics when Ive made a few!

John been worrying about his job - not looking good as the market is rubbish at the moment - well its rubbish for everyone I spose!

Dont really know what else to say, oh Im addicted to pogo games and keep playing that all the time.

Laine xxx