Thursday, 27 December 2007


Awwwwwwwwww where did Christmas go - it's all gone, it's all gone!

Don't want it to go!

I hope you all had a lovely time! It's Stuart's birthday today yay!!!!

Happy Birthday Stuart!

I got lots of pressies I did. John kept pretending he hadn't got me anything! hmmmph - I really believed him and was getting all sad - how childish is that! Even though Im 42 I still likes my pressies I do!

Anyway, I was very pleased coz John got me a box set of the Friend's DVD's - the complete series - yep! Series 1 to 10!!! I have been trying to collect them for years and now I dont have to - Ive got them - and Im having a great time watching from the beginning to the end!! yay!!

I got lots of other lil pressies - I got a lovely silver watch from my Mum and Dad and a lovely silver necklace. I got some games and I got a game for my DS - its Deal or No Deal - Im a bit disappointed with that - its a bit boring.  I got two books - Russel Brand's Booky wook and a Magaret Attwood book - The Blind Assassin. I got lots and lots of smellies and sweets! yay - Im gonna get fat but least I will smell good.  I got a Scene It game about Friends so when Ive watched all the episodes I will be super good at that! There are about 360 epidsodes and Im on number 6 LOL!!!

Right Im off upstairs to play darts with the boys - we got a new dart board and new darts - so we all dart mad now! LOL

Love Laine xxx

P.S. We do have a champion Dart player lives next door to us - Adrian Gray - but Im not about to invite him in and give us lessons LOL

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Happy Christmas

Myspace Christmas Graphics



Hello everybody!

I just come to say I wish you all a very Happy Christmas - I hope you get all you want and that you have been good all year!  Happy New Year too and I hope 2008 brings all of you love and happiness.

Thank you all so much for all your support and love you have shown me over the last year - its been a tough year for me and an exciting one too - you have all been there for me! Thanks.

Love Laine xxxxx

Friday, 21 December 2007

Last day

It was my last day at the school today.

It felt wierd. I had lots of pressies - it was really touching - some of the cards and comments I had were so so lovely - what lovely people I worked with. Only one person was wierd and off with me - she is the deputy head and I worked in her class everyday for the first hour and half. I did lots for her and tried really hard to impress her. This morning she gave out presents to all the adults in the class, in front of me, and did not give me one! She did not thank me for working with her or even said goodbye. I can't believe it.  The other class I worked in - they were lovely and made me cry with all the lovely gifts and comments.  They didnt want me to go!

I went to see the Headteacher and he said he wanted me to know that he doesn't want me to lose touch with the school and that if another job comes up I should definately apply for it. He said maybe I could keep in touch and do some voluntary work with the school. He wouldnt let me go out the door until he was satisfied that I knew that he thought I was good!

I went to see the teacher who teaches all the little children - the 4 and 5 year olds and I am going to go in to her on a Wednesday afternoon - so I havent really seen the last of that school yet and Im not going to let go of my dreams.

Laine xxx

Friday, 14 December 2007


I'm sad, I dont want to leave the school. Only one more week to go. Its the Christmas Carol concert tonight and it's all Christmassy at school and the kids are lovely and all cuddly and nise.  Hee hee I likes that new word nise! My little Tia taught me that she did.

James told me that Im his best friend today and gave me a big James hug! Bless him.

Im holding on to my dream.

Laine x

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

For Stuart


Embellished drop waist dressThis is my dress! £70.00 from Oasis. Sorry no photo with me in it!

John didnt take one of me! But next time I will get one - at the next Christmas party! hee hee!

No Sara - honest -  he didnt take a pic of me! xxxxx

Little Tia who I work with wrote a little note in her folder, it said; "Mrs Sayers is nise, she is kind to me and I like her. She is kind and she plays with me." Awwwwwww now that brought tears to my eyes. I'm really going to miss those little children. I really am.


Tuesday, 11 December 2007

black dress

OOOOH I forgot to tell you. I bought a gorgeous black dress on Saturday I did. I wore it on Saturday night and John told me that I looked the most gorgeous and sexiest girl in the room. I wasn't. But, John says I was. hee hee xxxxx

Monday, 10 December 2007


Right!! Sara Sara!!! I will still do my Journal - on one condition!! You don't mind the fact that Im not a good journaler! hmmph!

I would never ever want to upset my Sara Sara - especially at Christmas!

And I can't stop my journal coz otherwise Joan would stop too so Im not gonna!

Laine xx

Powder Mills Hotel

The Powder Mills Hotel.

This is where John and I stayed this weekend! Awww it was lovely. But, I might add if you do look on the website obviously those photos were taken on a lovely sunny day - it really was not like that this weekend! The weather was just awful.

It was my work's christmas do. Well wont be my work after Christmas will it! I'm still a bit fed up about that! Anyway, John and I were determined to have a good time.  I took the kids to my Mum and Dad's on Friday night - and Oscar!  Then on Saturday afternoon John and I took ourselves off to get ready at the hotel then at 7.15 we met in the function room for my staff do.  The food was lovely, the disco was good and we had a good boogy!  It did feel wierd though that Im leaving and lots of people kept asking me why! The thing is I dont really know why, apart from the fact that they say they have run out of funding. But, funny how they been taking on new staff lately! Obviously my face didnt fit! I think Im better off out of it!

I've another staff do on 5th January! YAY. Coz Im going back to the holiday park Ive now been invited to their do too! Two dos!!!

Anyway, Im smiley happy today and John and I fell in love all over again at the weekend.Awwwwwww

Love Lainey

p.s. Im am so sorry Ive not been to your journals - Im not really a very good journal person at the moment - Im thinking of stopping my journal - I cant keep writing in mine then not visiting all of you.

p.p.s. Thanks Jen for my card!!!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

email addres for the over 60s

Awwwwwwwwwwww and another awwwwwwwwwww.

My Mum and Dad, bless them, have bought their first computer! Awwww. My Dad is 70 and my Mum is 63 and they have never ever had a puter in their life! They bought an HP laptop like the one I got coz my Dad likes mine! I likes mine too.

Anyway, my Dad phoned me tonight to tell me that they are setting up their new puter and they are filling in the registration thingy that HP puts on all its new puters! I said aww dont bother with that specially as you dont have internet connected yet. I said wait til you have internet which they get fixed up next week. Anyway, my Dad says well we have filled in most of it and put our email in and everything. So I said, "Er, Dad you dont have email yet, you aint got internet yet!" - LOL this is so so funny - I just had to share it with ya LOL  awwwwwwwww - Well my Dad then says "yeah we have - we made one!" - "What is it then I says" - "It's" my Dad says. Awwwww, awww how sweet!! How funny. I said noooooooooooooo Dad you cant just choose one! I said you have to wait til your internet provider gives you one. So my Dad said "Oh, think we will stop filling out this form then!" Awwwwww! I told my kids and they had hysterics - I just so love that email address!

Laine xxx