Wednesday, 1 October 2008

new blog

Here is my new blog space xxxxx

I will email all of you too xxxx

Keeping in touch

Hey everyone - thanks for all your comments and yes yes I will keep in touch - I will do a blogger - or try at least!!! I will let you know when I get the link. Can everyone please leave me their link if they do another blog. Also I am on Facebook - just search for me - Elaine Sayers - Brighton and Hove network - of course there is always email too!! My facebook link is on my sidebar! Ive got Sandra, Joan and Jeannette on my facebook already!!! Thanks to those who have already left me their link - together we will keep in touch!!!

Love Laine xxx

My lovely Journal

I saw my journal as a place to vent out when I wanted to. A place I have met such wonderful friends. Kind thoughtful loving friends. I feel so guilty that I've been away and now I come back the AOL is getting rid of journals. Do they know what they are doing? We have them for this month I believe, so we can sort out new journals and stick together hopefully. Ive already been over to Donna's new blogger and that worked ok!

Thank you for the lovely comments you have all left in the past and keep watching as I will probably have my new link on here soon.

Love you all!!!

Lainey Laine xxxx