Saturday, 27 October 2007

Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat!!!!!

Why I have gone private.

 Don't forget to put your clocks back! (In UK!) OOOH Sara means you get an extra hour with Chris!! xxxxx


Hi peeps,

Diama asked me why I'd gone private. Very good question Diama! The reason I have gone private is because of my job really.  We were told at our last inset training day that we must be very careful on the internet as because we work with children we are very vulnerable - we could be accused of all sorts. Also any child or parent wanted to find out more about me they could google in my name and get my journal so now its private they cant do that.  We are not allowed to really have Myspace or Facebook or anything like that. I do have a Myspace so Im gonna make that private too. Got to be careful now.

Lainey xxxx

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A funny for Saturday

Private Journal

Hi Everyone,

These are the peeps Im gonna add to my private journal. If you are not on my list please let me know as I dont want to miss anyone out and please dont be offended if I not got you on my list my head is all over the place! Could you all be so kind as to send me your email addresses too - I think I got most of them! Love Laine xxxxx p.s. you will all get your invite to my private journal soon xxxxx




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Monday, 15 October 2007


Hello all you lovely journal people

Im just popping in to say hi and that Im so sorry I have not been here for a while. I have been very down. All to do with the job situation. Anyway, I have told the school I am not going to do the afternoon hours anymore and that has made me feel much better.  I think it was the situation rather than me mentally that made me feel so down. My good friend has been in touch by text and he suggests I go to the Docs - well Stuart I havent actually made an appointment yet - I know I'm naughty! But I do feel a bit better and I'm getting better by the day. So I think Im going to wait a little while before I do go to see the Doc. Sara and Stuart have been very good to me - loves them I do!

Right Im off now but I will be back.

Love Lainey Laine xxxxx

Monday, 1 October 2007

Thank you

Thank you all so so much for yesterday! What a lovely bunch you all really are!!  I got really fed up today and went to the Head again - he wants me to see him again on Friday to see how I am feeling. He is good and fair with me and I appreciate that.  I do feel better but the afternoon I had today was bad very bad! I have told them that Im not going to do the afternoons if they carry on the way they are!

Thanks Chris I'd love Lamb casserole!! That would def cheer me up!!! Wish someone would cook it for me!!

Love to you all

Laine xxx

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