Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Home - part 2

I loved all your comments yesterday about what Home means - I am writing an essay for English. You came up with the same feelings I came up with. It's interesting to know what people think.

Home isn't a home without love, warmth and security. It's so sad that there are people in this world who don't have a home - or don't have love or warmth or security. Writing about what home means and reading alot about different people's homes really makes you think. It makes you realise how lucky you are!

Anyway, having said all that I've been a bit fed up today. I don't know why - I cant really put my finger on it. I've been a bit tetchy with the kids. It's wierd all of a sudden they are so independant - one wants me to take him to school the other wants to walk. One wants a friend home - the other is going to a friend's house. One wants a lift out tonight and the other goes out on his bike. They don't need me anymore - they only need me for lifts! Hmmmm I feel a bit wierd!

I love my life with John - we had a fantastic weekend - just the two of us - went to lots of places and did lots of nice things. Then Monday comes - John goes back to work the kids go to school - I go off to my little cleaning job - which is ok but its not fulfilling is it! I know one day I will do my teacher training, when the boys are older. That's it Im not fulfilled! That's why Im fed up.

Today was a wierd day - my car had to go into the garage so having no car I was completely lost! I was dependant on lifts from my friend. We just faffed about together all day! Nice having a friend to faff with! We took the dogs out and did some shopping and drank lots of tea! The car was ok - didnt need anything doing to it! I was a bit mythed because the clutch is sticky but they said it was ok! Will have to see how it goes!

Got Science class tomorrow - got to do my homework tonight. Then tomorrow afternoon dog walking. Then Thursday morning swimming then English lesson. Then work Friday morning then Science lesson. I'm busy enough all week but something is missing!

Laine xx

Monday, 28 April 2008


I'm just wondering - What makes a home a home?

Ill let you know my thoughts tomorrow! I'm just writing an essay on said subject!

Laine x

More photos

Joe was very brave at the Natural History Museum in London. There were a lot of scary creatures about!

Scary dinosaurs!

Watch out Joe!!

Uh oh, erm Joe I think there is a Cheetah behind you or is it a Leopard?

Cripes a Polar Bear! Well we are not going there again its far too scary!

Let's now go to Eastbourne!.......

What a beautiful day it was again!

There were lots of pretty flowers along the seafront!

Am I clever? Am I? Am I?

OOOOH! Purple flowers just for Sara Sara!

White ones for the rest of you!

And finally ......................

Happy birthday to my Emmy Em! John's daughter Emma is 20 today! She is! Blimey makes me feel old.

Naughty Em! She stuck her tongue out! hee hee

Laine xx

Sunday, 27 April 2008


OOOOH I just been over to Jeanette's blog and she has pictures of where I was born - Shoreham! I used to live there once too! Brought back fond memories that did! Go take a look if you havent already! The railway station that she has a picture of is where I used to stand every day waiting to go to work! That was when I was first married in my early twenties.

Today John and I couldn't find anymore bluebell trails so we found ourselves at Beachy Head and then drove down to the seafront at Eastbourne! For some reason my bluetooth is playing up on my laptop so Im going to have to find another way of putting my photos of Eastbourne on! Normal service will resume ermmmm sometime!

Laine xx


More bluebells

Today I post some more of what John and I saw yesterday in those beautiful woods - oh and I must post some pics of when Joe and I went to London - before the hospital we went to the Natural History Museum - I will post those in the week.


We took hundreds of pics of the bluebells - well John did - I only wish we had a better camera - not bad though for a camera phone! Right I better get dressed as today we are going in search of more bluebells whilst they are still out!

Laine xxx

Friday, 25 April 2008


Joe got on ok with scan yesterday - he didnt like it much - he was good though - 40 minutes in that big doughnut! He also had to have a injection of some sort of dye so they could see more in his brain. He was very brave.

Very tired today and my feet hurt alot. Lot's of walking in London yesterday.

Natural History museum is very big and I realise that my Joe is bored by it all! Still it killed time before the hospital.  Lot's of waiting around made us very tired.

John's first week in his new job went ok and he is happy so thats the main thing!

Am I happy? Hmm I dont know? Still just plodding along! No work today and no work tomorrow - work on Monday though. The park is not very busy at the moment.

We have the weekend to ourselves and Im looking forward to walking through the bluebells tomorrow. Yes Sara Sara I will have my camera with me.

My back is playing up alot at the mo - making me miserable. Well it's more pain in my legs really and my feet - fed up with sleepless nights.

Have a good weekend all.

Laine xx

Tuesday, 22 April 2008


I'm going to go here on Saturday with John if the weather is nice! Take a look it looks lovely! I love bluebells. Laine xx

Bluebell Walk and Farm Trail.

Firstly, Happy, Happy birthday to Diama!!!!

It is also my step-son's birthday today too! He is 15!

Tomorrow it is John's Mum's birthday - she will be 80! Then next week on 28th it's Emma's birthday and she will be 20!

Maintenance money finally arrived!

Money was so bad we had beans on toast tonight for tea! Ha ha! enjoyed them though!

Now Ive got my maintenance I can go shopping tomorrow! Musn't go mad though!

I keep dropping things! Made cheese on toast for lunch and dropped it! Made beans on toast and dropped beans down me and then went to take my plate out and dropped the knife! Dont know what is wrong with me today!

I feel wierd because John has started his new job. He is not here during the day anymore - I feel a bit lonely! I've got to go pick him up from the station in a minute - he will get off with all the other suits! He is a suit now! LOL Hopefully soon he wont have to go up to the office so much once he has settled in. I think he will have to go to Barcelona for a week soon - a whole week! Their head office is there so he will have to go see the factory!

I'm up in London on Thursday - Joe has an MRI scan - he hasnt had one since he was three. They just want to see if his pituaritry gland has formed or fused anymore as it hadnt fused at all when he was three - hence why he is growth hormone deficient. It has a name but its really really long and medical!  Anyway, I will be able to meet John from work! That will be good!

I've got some photos from Sunday - I will post them tomorrow. Im still a bit off of journals at the mo - I'm feeling a bit funny about it all.

Love Laine xxx

p.s. Joany Joan I had shingles - its not nice you take care of yourself. xxxxx

Monday, 21 April 2008

Monday feeling

Feeling Mondayish!

John started new job - he texted me just now - he on his way home - says he didnt like it -  but then first days are hard! I missed him very much today - Im used to him working at home!

Im fed up with work because everyone is moany! But on the other hand its good because Sally and I work together now and we worked well together - so Im happy about that!

My stupid ex-husband hasn't paid maintenance this month and caused me so much problems! He said he accidentally cancelled the direct debit - how the hell do you do that? The court wrote to him and apparently he has paid the court now but I still havent got it and council tax is due soon! Fed up with not having any money! When will I be rich?

Sorry I havent been on journals for a while - I won't be commenting much as I have my GCSE's coming very soon and I need to study for them! I hope you are all ok!

Anyway, Im off to check me Steak pie and veg. Starving!!!

Laine xxx

p.s. Sally is back so I no longer have the guinea pig job and I miss them I do!


Friday, 18 April 2008


I'm sorry no entry for a while.

Im so so tired! Been busy! Busy, busy.

So sorry I had to delete all my alerts - I havent had time to even put the computer on.

I will be back soon just having a little journal break for a while.

Laine xxx

Saturday, 12 April 2008

4am on a Sunday morning.

Hello is anyone else up at this most awful lonely hour?

Hmm didnt think so - you are all tucked up and asleep!

Stuart had a brilliant idea - I buy Waterstones! Yes that's what I shall do! Then you can all come visit one of my stores - I shall have a private party there! Hey they should do private parties at Waterstones! That would be brilliant. Wine, cheese and a good book!

Thinking alot about stuff at 4am in the morning. Firstly, that my Norton has just run out and it's just told me Im not protected against viruses - oh that's good! Not! Well I know I pay a fee for Mcafee through AOL - got it on the PC so really I should be able to put it on the laptops - oh so that's got to go on my to do list fairly urgent then - feel all vulnerable now with no protection!

Secondly, hmm I don't know what Im thinking now the blooming Norton thing has thrown me. Oh yeah, I'm thinking that I need my own space - not away from you guys or anybody else but a space in the house where I can be creative, study, read, play games etc. John says I can have a desk in his office - have my own little corner! Im all excited now about my own little corner. I'm thinking of all the things I can do and how exciting it will be looking for desks. Now that's a bit sad, isnt it?

I'm not gonna say thirdly coz it will end up being a list and not just random thoughts.

I'm excited aobut going to London on Tuesday with my mum to see Hairspray. Michael Ball has always been one of my favourtie musical singers - I know Jen sorry! (I can see Jen cringing!) Anyway, it's been ages since I've been to a west-end musical especially a big one! So excited and we are in the stalls - never been in the stalls at the west-end before!! yay!!! Going with my mum and also Im excited that I've got my new book to read on the train! Even more yay! Funny how little things excite you!

I started my new book tonight - really good so far! Very intriguing!

Still go the last episode of Torchwood to watch on the iplayer - isnt the iplayer just brilliant! Getting something for our license fee at last! How I love Torchwood! Did anyone watch the new thing 'Pushing up Daisies' - is it worth watching? Ive got it recorded!

John starts his new job soon. He is quite excited about it - that's all that is on his mind at the mo. Well thats understandable! I'm going to help him for a year or so - to get him on his feet and to make a good impression - and then when I've helped him and my boys are a bit older I am then going to do my PGCE - teacher training! I'm definate about that now so that makes me happy! I have a goal still!

I joined a league on Pogo - it's brilliant - there are about 13 of us now - most nights one of the people in the league hosts a game - could be any game in Pogo and we register on the league website then go along and play. At the moment I am number 3 on the leader board! We get on so well and we chat and have a laugh while we are playing - it's brilliant to meet people. There is a new game in Pogo called Solitaire Addiction - I havent mastered it yet but now that is a new challenge for me! I loves Pogo I do!!! LOL Go and have a look - there is an American Pogo and a UK Pogo - but beware it is very addictive - I have joined and is about £28.00 a year but well worth it there are so many games and you get a little mini who you can dress up and buy clothes for and lots of stuff! LOL

Right Im off to play solitaire on Pogo then go back to bed to try to sleep which seems impossible these days - Im actually wondering how long I can go without so much sleep!

Laine xxx

p.s. probably loads of spelling errors but hey it is 4am in the morning!

Back again

OOPS Im back again!

Just went into town and went into my favourite shop - Waterstones! I bought Stephen King's 'Needful Things' - Im so excited - I love new books! oooh imagine having your own library - just imagine! I would have one of those ladders on wheels. Whizz up and down choosing a book! Hee hee!

Just remembered another thing I would do if I was a billionaire - I would have a huge, huge library with every book I could possible ever want. Oh, and I would have such a lovely time in Waterstones - in fact I would be there all the time buying books! Now do you think its possible to read them all in a lifetime LOL.

I'm cooking a curry tonight - chicken one! Got all the ingredients - going to do it from scratch. Hope it's yummy - sure it will be!

Laine xxx


Thanks for all  your comments about the guinea pig pics and the pink tree pics! Hee hee. Sara Sara - I don't know what the guinea pigs names are! Terrbile isnt it - Sally did leave me a list with all five names on - I will write them down and tell you next time I do an entry and we will have a guess the guinea pig name contest! Oh yes!

Worked today. Was hard!

Watched a good film last night - Children of Men - started off a bit slow but then it got really good - kept me awake so should be good!

We have got The Pursuit of Happiness  for tonight and the boys have got Norbit. I put the links of them films so you can have a look.

I really love being a member of the rental club. We are watching so many films! If anyone watches a good film and has a recommendation for me please let me know so I can add it to my list! Thanks.

Have a good weekend people.

Laine xxx

Friday, 11 April 2008

Friday stuff

Went to work today - was ok, John came and helped me. Finished by one!

My car annoying me. The clutch is sticking. Cant be doing with a sticky clutch.

Bored now. Dont know what to do this afternoon.

It's cold! Im cold!

Nearly at the end of my Final Fantasy game - what will I do when Ive finished! I might play it again! Hee hee!

Sam outside with John helping him with my car - they are going to lubricate the accelerator cable see if that helps. LOL I will probably speed off at high speed!

Guinea pigs are doing well - not missing their mummy - they love me now - they do! I wants guinea pigs!

Isnt that just a cute guinea pig - and look how nicely Aunty Lainey chops up their food. Got to clean them out tomorrow!  Musn't forget.

The other day when we had snow, remember that snow? Well when the sun went down everything went pink! I took some pics! I love the tree being pink!

See the flats in the distance they went all pink and shiny! See the flat that is on the right of the picture? That's where I go to college - yep! I do my English and Science there! Hee!

Laine xxxx

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Fun at Camber Sands

Jane, Lucy and Oscar

Lucy and Sam - cant believe that a few days ago there was snow and now we sitting on the beach in the sun!

John playing in the sea - what a big kid!!


Me and Jane! You cant really see my new haircut - its all wind swept - but thats the best you gonna get!

Poor Sam!!!




Well a great day was had by all - we were supposed to be at Chessington but we are now going next Thursday - the tickets all arrived today. So this rowdy lot will be on your puter again next week butit will be Chessington pics!! Hee hee.

Love Lainey xxxx

A little bit of fun for a Thursday

Ok, I found this in Donna's journal - thought I would have a go at it.


1. Each player answers questions about themselves.

2. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people, and posts their names, goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment letting them know they've been tagged.


1. WHAT WHERE YOU DOING TEN YEARS AGO: Ten years ago, hmmmm - well I was 32. I had Sam and Joe. Sam four years old and Joe two. They were my world. My life was miserable apart from my kids - I hated my husband and felt trapped. I wanted to find a way out. I spent alot of time with my Mum and Dad to get away from him. I was hoping things would get better.

2. WHAT ARE 5 THINGS ON MY TO-DO  LIST TODAY1. Get dressed. 2. Go feed Sally's guinea pigs. 3. Prepare picnic. 4. Go and enjoy picnic and let kids have a riot in Sand dunes. 5. Come home and sleep (As I didnt sleep last night!).

3. SNACKS I ENJOY: Chocolate (Galaxy!). More chocolate and lots more chocolate! :0)

4. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WERE A BILLIONAIRE?  First I would run round the house screaming and not quite believing it. Then I would calm down and think what to do. I wouldnt want my life to change. I wouldnt want to leave my friends and change my children's lives. I would want to be able to make sure we had no money worries anymore though - that would be nice. It would also be nice to help out all of our five children but I wouldnt want them to think life was an easy ride - so that would be difficult. I would want to help people who needed help - like the homeless in this country and children in need. I would want to help the learning organisation I belong to because its a good cause and helps people get into education when they wouldnt have done. Anyway, could go on and on about that so Ill stop now.

  5. BAD HABITSLike Donna I wear my heart on my sleeve - dont know if that is a bad thing! Ermmmm hmmm Im bad at getting up in the mornings! Im bad at getting moody with John and assuming he is fed up with me or going off me - thats never true! Just a woman thing I think. Im bad at being too nice, if you know what I mean. Im bad at eating chocolate coz I eat lots of it.

6. 5 PLACES I HAVE LIVEDHmmm well Ive lived in a house, a tent, a caravan, a villa - is that what you mean? No oh right well Ive lived in Portslade, East Sussex, Shoreham, West Sussex and Hastings where I am now!

7. 5 JOBS I'VE HAD: My first job was a paper girl - delivering the Evening Argus! Then I worked in a hairdressers on Saturdays. Then I became a typist, secretary, p.a. Been an insurance clerk, a mid-day supervisor at a school, an individual needs assistant and a Teaching Assistant. Now Im a cleaner! Oh Ive been a student most of my life hee hee!! I know thats more than five - but who is checking!

Right Im not picking five people, like Donna I want to know about you all - only if you want to take part and if you read this entry! Then if you do leave your link in my comments and I'll come see what your answers are!

Love Lainey xxxx

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Chessington postponed.

Had my hair cut today I did! I had the top stylist in Toni and Guys! Whooooo I hear you say! Well it looks good now and Im happy - he (thats my hairdresser) - he was rather gorgeous LOL, well he said my hair colour was lovely! Looks even better now I have a really good cut on it. Its layered bob and its quite short at the back and long at the front.

Chessington is postponed! Naughty Tesco clubcard deals did not get the tickets here on time and as the post never arrives til late we cant go tomorrow! hmmmph! We are all fed up but we still get to go next Thursday! yay!! So tomorrow we are going on a picnic to  Camber Sands, Nr. Rye instead! Should be good - lots of sand dunes to jump on and lots of sand to dig! Thats Oscar sorted - dont know what the kids will do! LOL .... Only kidding course Im taking the kids!

Bought a new memory card for my phone - 4GB and it cost £30.00 - it's tiny - I cant believe how tiny it is! Well I can now get thousands of songs on my phone so please can you suggest some music I can put on! I like to listen to new stuff I havent listened to before so let me have all your recommendations! Thanks xxxx

Right Im off to sort out my phone and start putting music on! Probably take me all night!

Laine xxx


Monday, 7 April 2008


We now have enough points to take them so ignore my last entry! Thanks Stuart for commenting!

We found out that we could use our Tesco points and change them into tickets! So we are now all set for Chessington on Thursday!!! yay

Laine xxx

Walkers crisps plea code!!!

Hello all you lovely people!

This is a bit of a plea!

Has anyone got or know anyone who has multi-packs of Walkers crisps  with the Brit trips offer on and if so could I have the code that is printed in the inside of the big outer wrap. (Obviously only if you dont need to use the points) I want to take the kids to Chessington on Thursday and we havent quite got enough points yet! So if anyone can help I would be eternaly grateful!



Thank you xxxxx Love from Sam, Lucy, Joe and Robert.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Plum, snow and guinea pigs.

Im still worried about the guinea pigs! I think they are alright - but they are a bit snowed in! Bless them. I managed to get a picture of one of them when I went to see them just now - good job I did go see them as the naughty guinea pigs had knocked their water bottle down!

I took a few more pics of the snow today. The next one is Sally's back garden - I took it to show her for when she gets back.


The next one is Sally's house all covered in snow!

The next one is my house and guess what!!!!! LOL all covered in snow!

Then we took Oscar to Fairlight for a run and he loved it!

Yes that is me with the eskimo coat on!

pretttttie snow!!

More pretty!

Plum hair although you cant see it very well.

This one is a bit better - it is quite dark but shimmers in the light LOL!

Right now it's school holidays for two weeks! Crikey Ive got to find stuff to keep the boys happy. Tomorrow we have friends round, Tuesday we are seeing friends, wednesday we are chilling, Thursday we are going to go to London to the Science museum and I dont know what to do Friday yet - oh yes Ive got to work Friday! Most days we will prob go swimming too!

Laine xxx


Thanks for the advise about the guinea pigs - there are five of them so I spect they will all snuggle up together.

I thought I would show you the beginnings of the snow fall we are having here! I don't mind snow, infact I love snow but I just said to John, I wanted it in the winter not the spring! I dont want it now! On Friday I was sitting in the garden with just a t.shirt on it was so warm!

Out in our back garden.

This is at the side of my house - see the old church in the background - everything looks pretty covered in snow!

This is at the front of my house. See my friend Sally's house to the left with the double garage and the white van. That's where the guinea pigs live - not in the van silly! Out in the back garden!

Laine xx

Plum and guinea pigs

Well my hair is now plum! I likes it! I will post a pic when I feel like I look ok! Today I dont look ok so no pics! I had a few glasses of Rose last night and I have no make up on and I look awful! So there! But it is plum! Deep plum and everybody likes it! Well the three people that have seen it since I did in on Saturday! LOL Maybe Im turning into a Goth at 42! I will be wearing all black and purple next hee hee!

My friend Sally, and neighbour, has gone away for two weeks and I am looking after her five guinea pigs. I will try take a picture of them in the week. The rest of the neighbours keep giving me a funny look because Im in and out of her house.  I have to go in every morning, chop up all the veg for the guinea pigs, open all her curtains and make sure everything ok and then go feed the guinnea pigs, every other day I have to clean them out! Then every evening I have got to close all her curtains again. Every 3 days she wants her cars started up - well a van and a car! Anyway, she was so grateful that she gave me flowers, chocolates and wine!! Bless her!

See I am so generous Im letting you have a pick before I do!!

Here are the lovely flowers:

See my Oscar peeking through! Bless him!

Anyway, back to the guinea pigs - Im a bit worred about them won't they get cold in this snow? Does anyone know about guinea pigs? Sally only recently moved them to their open pen - they used to be in the greenhouse - I spose I should just leave them where they are - Im worrid about the lil critters - I might go get them and let snuggle indoors with me! Hee hee nooooo Im not that silly!! xx

Right Im off now before I talk another load of twaddle! hee hee i like that word.

Laine xx

Thursday, 3 April 2008


Had a good happy day today I have!

This morning John and I went to Rye market. I like Rye it's a really pretty little town and it's only about half and hour away. We had a nice amble round the market and I bought a lovely purple sock for my new phone! So my phone is all cozy and snug in my bag now.

After the market John and I went in search of a tea room. We have just about been in all the tea rooms in Rye but found one we hadnt been in today. It was a lovely tearoom that employed people with learning disabilities - then I read the information on the table and the teamroom was just part of an organisation that did alot for people with learning disabilities. I thought it was absolutely brilliant and I jotted down the website www.c-o-t.org.uk/. There is a home for over 90 people with learning disabilities and they are all employed within the organisation and money spent at the tearooms etc goes towards the charity. Absolutely brilliant! There is an art workshop and a farm and woods! I want to go visit the woods next! Go and visit the website it is really fantastic! I was really moved by it.

Then I had English this afternoon. We handed in all our course work! Feel so much better! I also feel better having read Othello! It was so uplifting - I cant explain! But beautiful and so so ooooooh I cant explain! Anyway, we also got the results of our mock exam we did last week. We all didnt do too bad really, just a few things we need to brush up on - so we were all happy buns! Also handed in my science coursework too so that's all done and dusted! Just got the exams coming up in May and June! In Science we are studying biology at the moment! Its quite interesting I will have to share some lessons with you I think! Not today though!

Right I better go because Im probably boring the pants off you!

Laine xxx

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


I wasnt really sure what to write in my journal today - my mind is a bit blank after splurging out all that Othello stuff last night. One minute I didnt know what to write then the next minute my mind was sprayed all over the page! I couldnt stop writing. Then when I had finished I sent it to my lovely friend Stuart as I value his opinion highly and like a good friend he is he read it for me and gave me a few tips to make it final. Then Joany Joan sent me a lovely email about friends and so I thought my entry today would be about friends and how important they are in our lives.

I have always had lots of friends around me because I like that. I do have special friends that mean more but generally I am a people person. I am very lucky because I make friends very easily. I never find it hard to chat to people and other people tend to draw to me for some reason! Dont know why ha ha! Still I like it and its great meeting people. I will talk a little about one of my friend's Sally that I have just recently made.

We used to work together at the school and now she works with me at Crowhurst. We now see each other every Wednesday - she is my Wednesday friend! hee hee! We get on really well and have the same ideas, opinions etc. We are also very happy in our relationships with our partners and its great to be able to chat to each other about that. Such a relief to have a friend that doesnt actually moan about her partner all the time and that she is as happy as I am. She also only lives two doors away from me in our lovely little Close! Im glad that Sally is my friend.  I will have to get a pic of her to show you!

Journals is a great way of making friends. I have made some very dear friends on here! And you know who you are! It's great that you can make friends with someone you havent even met. I intend this year to meet one of you! Yes I do! That's you Miss Sara Sara!! There are alot of you I would love to meet but we would never ever do it all would we. So it's great to think that we can be in touch on here when we want to. I always value your comments - each and every one of you - thank you!

More on friends tomorrow I think!

Blimey was that a load of dribble or did it make sense!

Laine xxx


Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Pray I have finished thy essay!



Wow Othello is brilliant! x

Major Faff

Well I've mucked about with my email and IM settings - changed my font and background colour! Why the hell did I do that? Just to avoid the essay! I am doing anything to avoid it! LOL

Someone said to me yesterday in my journal - why are you doing it if you dont want to. I do want to do it its just that I dont want to do it now! If you get what I mean. If Im to go into teaching then it is necessary for me to have an English GCSE - but I just cant seem to fit it in my life right now. I will get it done in the end - I always do - I just like a good ole moan along the way LOL!

Worked today on a private job.My friend and I we went to a house that was bought by the parents for a son who had just come back from Thailand with his three small children.  I dont really know much of the background but I take it that he had to come back suddenly and now has this house that needed a good clean. Anyway, we got there about 9.15 and he was still there with his children. He probably felt awkward with us there and he promptly made an exit. But, when I went into the kitchen to see if his Mum had paid us, she hadnt. I phoned her and she said 'oh I dont think I can get out to you today can I pay you later.' Bloomin cheek - anyway, my friend told her that we needed the money today and couldnt continue with the job until she paid us. Wish I could be like that - Im too bloomin nice! Anyway, the lady came with the money about 11.30 and she was very blunt indeed. She even said infront of her husband that men were useless! How could she be so rude! Oh well we did a good job and we got good money so thats that!

Then I got back to my house and felt a bit fed up as my house was a tip and I'd just left that man's house gleaming and shiny and lovely! Dont feel like doing my own!

After tea Im going to sit down and write my essay - I watched more of the play last night to get more of a feel of it! I have decided to write about Iago and his evil ways and how he convinces everyone that he is so honest! He is a very deep character and lots to write about him so I think I have a plan now! The trouble is in the play Im watching Iago is played by Bob Hoskins and I just keep thinking of Bob Hoskins!

I feel a bit funny today and I dont know why. I feel lonely and that is silly! John has gone up to his new job - he hasnt started it yet but he has just gone up to see them and see how thier office operates. He starts at beginning of May. I miss him when he is not here.

I havent taken Oscar out yet and its such a lovely day - I really should but I just cant get the motivation to. Poor ole Oscar! Although he had a nice cuddle on the bed with me this afternoon - I dont often let him on the bed but I was just about to change the bedding so let him have a treat - he couldnt believe his luck! I love having a big cuddle with my soppy doggie!

Right Im still faffing arent I! Im off now.

Laine xxxx