Saturday, 12 April 2008

4am on a Sunday morning.

Hello is anyone else up at this most awful lonely hour?

Hmm didnt think so - you are all tucked up and asleep!

Stuart had a brilliant idea - I buy Waterstones! Yes that's what I shall do! Then you can all come visit one of my stores - I shall have a private party there! Hey they should do private parties at Waterstones! That would be brilliant. Wine, cheese and a good book!

Thinking alot about stuff at 4am in the morning. Firstly, that my Norton has just run out and it's just told me Im not protected against viruses - oh that's good! Not! Well I know I pay a fee for Mcafee through AOL - got it on the PC so really I should be able to put it on the laptops - oh so that's got to go on my to do list fairly urgent then - feel all vulnerable now with no protection!

Secondly, hmm I don't know what Im thinking now the blooming Norton thing has thrown me. Oh yeah, I'm thinking that I need my own space - not away from you guys or anybody else but a space in the house where I can be creative, study, read, play games etc. John says I can have a desk in his office - have my own little corner! Im all excited now about my own little corner. I'm thinking of all the things I can do and how exciting it will be looking for desks. Now that's a bit sad, isnt it?

I'm not gonna say thirdly coz it will end up being a list and not just random thoughts.

I'm excited aobut going to London on Tuesday with my mum to see Hairspray. Michael Ball has always been one of my favourtie musical singers - I know Jen sorry! (I can see Jen cringing!) Anyway, it's been ages since I've been to a west-end musical especially a big one! So excited and we are in the stalls - never been in the stalls at the west-end before!! yay!!! Going with my mum and also Im excited that I've got my new book to read on the train! Even more yay! Funny how little things excite you!

I started my new book tonight - really good so far! Very intriguing!

Still go the last episode of Torchwood to watch on the iplayer - isnt the iplayer just brilliant! Getting something for our license fee at last! How I love Torchwood! Did anyone watch the new thing 'Pushing up Daisies' - is it worth watching? Ive got it recorded!

John starts his new job soon. He is quite excited about it - that's all that is on his mind at the mo. Well thats understandable! I'm going to help him for a year or so - to get him on his feet and to make a good impression - and then when I've helped him and my boys are a bit older I am then going to do my PGCE - teacher training! I'm definate about that now so that makes me happy! I have a goal still!

I joined a league on Pogo - it's brilliant - there are about 13 of us now - most nights one of the people in the league hosts a game - could be any game in Pogo and we register on the league website then go along and play. At the moment I am number 3 on the leader board! We get on so well and we chat and have a laugh while we are playing - it's brilliant to meet people. There is a new game in Pogo called Solitaire Addiction - I havent mastered it yet but now that is a new challenge for me! I loves Pogo I do!!! LOL Go and have a look - there is an American Pogo and a UK Pogo - but beware it is very addictive - I have joined and is about £28.00 a year but well worth it there are so many games and you get a little mini who you can dress up and buy clothes for and lots of stuff! LOL

Right Im off to play solitaire on Pogo then go back to bed to try to sleep which seems impossible these days - Im actually wondering how long I can go without so much sleep!

Laine xxx

p.s. probably loads of spelling errors but hey it is 4am in the morning!


aniracj said...

Hiya, wot u doing up at 4am???!!! I know wot you mean about lack of sleep though, I had 2 nights without sleep due to all the hassle we had this week and nearly 2 days surviving on just cups of tea and coffee!!! Not good but things are settled again so I am almost back to normal again, lol......if I can ever be classed as normal, haha!!! Wish I could come and see hairspray with you!! love Joany Joan

sarajanesmiles said...

Aww... Lainey stuff :o)
You buy Waterstones and I'll expect freebies, just to warn you!
Sara   xxx

labdancer51 said...

I think Michael Ball is amazing Laine, whatever anyone else thinks. ;o)  Kerry badly wants to see Hairspray and I wouldn`t mine going with her. I watched Pushing Daisies last night and absolutely loved it, I`m sure you will too. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

egre328 said...

I recently went through a spell of being up on my own in the middle of the night.  It has thankfully passed for me now - hope it does for you.  Eileenx

sdrogerson said...

your own creative space is very necessary.
mine is inside my head.

jmoqueen said...

I was still awake due to unfortunate circumstances but I lied there in the dark and thought it wouldn't have been a good idea to log on.  This is quite a newsy entry for such an early time ;)  Hey you, I wasn't cringing ~ each to their own ;)  I think my mum liked his voice at some point whilst I was growing up.  I hope you'll have a good doubt you will xx