Sunday, 6 April 2008

Plum and guinea pigs

Well my hair is now plum! I likes it! I will post a pic when I feel like I look ok! Today I dont look ok so no pics! I had a few glasses of Rose last night and I have no make up on and I look awful! So there! But it is plum! Deep plum and everybody likes it! Well the three people that have seen it since I did in on Saturday! LOL Maybe Im turning into a Goth at 42! I will be wearing all black and purple next hee hee!

My friend Sally, and neighbour, has gone away for two weeks and I am looking after her five guinea pigs. I will try take a picture of them in the week. The rest of the neighbours keep giving me a funny look because Im in and out of her house.  I have to go in every morning, chop up all the veg for the guinea pigs, open all her curtains and make sure everything ok and then go feed the guinnea pigs, every other day I have to clean them out! Then every evening I have got to close all her curtains again. Every 3 days she wants her cars started up - well a van and a car! Anyway, she was so grateful that she gave me flowers, chocolates and wine!! Bless her!

See I am so generous Im letting you have a pick before I do!!

Here are the lovely flowers:

See my Oscar peeking through! Bless him!

Anyway, back to the guinea pigs - Im a bit worred about them won't they get cold in this snow? Does anyone know about guinea pigs? Sally only recently moved them to their open pen - they used to be in the greenhouse - I spose I should just leave them where they are - Im worrid about the lil critters - I might go get them and let snuggle indoors with me! Hee hee nooooo Im not that silly!! xx

Right Im off now before I talk another load of twaddle! hee hee i like that word.

Laine xx


jeadie05 said...

I quite like your twaddle Mrs Plum haired guinea pig keeper ,good luck with them ,we have no snow just sunshine lol Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

good eating in a guinea pig so don't worry!

madcobug said...

Good of you to watch the guina pigs for you neighbor. I hope they have some kind of house to get inside out of the snow. The presents she gave you are nice. Yes, I do see Oscar peeking through to get his pic taken. Looking forward to seeing your plum hair. Helen

jlocorriere05 said...

Guinea pig expert here! I know lots about guinea pigs, I used to keep them! I even ate one in Peru, they taste rather sweet and a lot like chicken but darker like lamb! He should be OK out in the cold, they live in the high Andes normally although your neighbours' wouldn't have experienced that unless he'd travelled a bit! Does he have a passport?! Lol! If he's got shelter he should be OK but a snuggle would probably go down well too! Looking forward to seeing your hair! Jeannette xx  

sugarsweet056 said...

Can't wait to see your plum hair, sounds great! ;)
Nice of you to take care of neighbors piggies, as long as they have a place to snuggle up in, out of the snow they'll be fine.
Have a good wkend.

ally123130585918 said...

Funny thing Laine I was watching a pet programme this morning about guinea pigs ~ they said they should be in the warmth inside in the winter and outside in the summer but not in direct sunlight ~ but as this is Spring I wouldn't know what to do ? ~ Look forward to seeing pic of you PLUM Hairdo ~ Ally x

jmoqueen said...

I know nothing about guinea pigs so I can't help sorry :(  but I have a friend who keeps them but she keeps her's indoors.  Your hair sounds interesting can't wait to see the pic xx