Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Major Faff

Well I've mucked about with my email and IM settings - changed my font and background colour! Why the hell did I do that? Just to avoid the essay! I am doing anything to avoid it! LOL

Someone said to me yesterday in my journal - why are you doing it if you dont want to. I do want to do it its just that I dont want to do it now! If you get what I mean. If Im to go into teaching then it is necessary for me to have an English GCSE - but I just cant seem to fit it in my life right now. I will get it done in the end - I always do - I just like a good ole moan along the way LOL!

Worked today on a private job.My friend and I we went to a house that was bought by the parents for a son who had just come back from Thailand with his three small children.  I dont really know much of the background but I take it that he had to come back suddenly and now has this house that needed a good clean. Anyway, we got there about 9.15 and he was still there with his children. He probably felt awkward with us there and he promptly made an exit. But, when I went into the kitchen to see if his Mum had paid us, she hadnt. I phoned her and she said 'oh I dont think I can get out to you today can I pay you later.' Bloomin cheek - anyway, my friend told her that we needed the money today and couldnt continue with the job until she paid us. Wish I could be like that - Im too bloomin nice! Anyway, the lady came with the money about 11.30 and she was very blunt indeed. She even said infront of her husband that men were useless! How could she be so rude! Oh well we did a good job and we got good money so thats that!

Then I got back to my house and felt a bit fed up as my house was a tip and I'd just left that man's house gleaming and shiny and lovely! Dont feel like doing my own!

After tea Im going to sit down and write my essay - I watched more of the play last night to get more of a feel of it! I have decided to write about Iago and his evil ways and how he convinces everyone that he is so honest! He is a very deep character and lots to write about him so I think I have a plan now! The trouble is in the play Im watching Iago is played by Bob Hoskins and I just keep thinking of Bob Hoskins!

I feel a bit funny today and I dont know why. I feel lonely and that is silly! John has gone up to his new job - he hasnt started it yet but he has just gone up to see them and see how thier office operates. He starts at beginning of May. I miss him when he is not here.

I havent taken Oscar out yet and its such a lovely day - I really should but I just cant get the motivation to. Poor ole Oscar! Although he had a nice cuddle on the bed with me this afternoon - I dont often let him on the bed but I was just about to change the bedding so let him have a treat - he couldnt believe his luck! I love having a big cuddle with my soppy doggie!

Right Im still faffing arent I! Im off now.

Laine xxxx


egre328 said...

You have been too busy today to have to bother with English!  Relax a while. Eileenx

sugarsweet056 said...

Came by to wish you a Happy April Fool's Day! LOL
Give Oscar a big hug from me & my girls.  :)
Good luck on your essay.

sdrogerson said...

Ok avoidance is your problem - GCSE English is a pain but you have to do it.
You have a good brain use it don't lose it.
Don't shy away from the stuff on my blog either - use that brain - stretch it exercise it - use it.

ally123130585918 said...

You will get that essay done Laine I know you will ~ glad you got paid for doing that private job ~ now you can pay someone to come and do your house :o) Ally x

jmoqueen said...

I like a faffing entry :o)  Hope you managed to get the essay started if not finished.  I understand what you mean when you say that you don't want to do it!!  I feel like that sometimes especially when your not in the mood to do it xx



thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Good luck on the essay~ Hugs,TerryAnn