Thursday, 12 June 2008

Brave me!

Hello all you lovely people out there.

Today I feel like a ton weight is lifted off my shoulders!

You see I had a problem - I was sad.

But now its fixed! I fixed it myself!

Im proud of myself - I was brave!

Im not sure if I told you all or not but just recently my friend, and neighbour, Sally joined the place where I work. (Crowhurst Park cleaning). Anyway, she didnt want to work on her own so her and I worked together as a team. It meant that we had to clean four lodges between us. Anyway, for weeks now I've been a bit down about the situation. Sally is a lovely girl, and I really like her, but...... that's a bit BUT!  Lot's of things to say really but basically she didnt see the job in the same way as me. She cut corners and she moaned about the other people (my friends!). She got a bit bossy too and it seemed that it was always my car that we took.  Lots to say really but you get me jist!

Anyway, on Tuesday we had 7 lodges to make beds in and clean the bathrooms - the people were there and we made sure everything was ok for them etc.  Anyway, Sally got fed up because no body picked up our linen.  I told her the other girls were too busy but she still moaned.  When we got back to the office she was sarcastic to my friend Sarah (who is our supervisor). Sarah said to us could we pack the linen and Sally said 'thanks for picking it up'! Sarah said 'I didn't' and then Sally said 'I know!'.  Sarah then said 'Are you being sarcastic Sally?' and Sally said 'No'. Then Sarah came up to me and said 'did you hear her Lainey?' Anyway, I kept right out of it - the thing is Im very fond of Sarah and Sally obviously doesn't care at all. It's just a job to Sally but to me my dear friends work there who Ive worked with for 6 years now and I dont want them being upset!

Anyway, the upshot is that I phoned my boss, Christine, yesterday and asked her if she would mind if I worked on my own again. Chris was really supportive and kind about it and said of course she didnt mind.  So, of course, I had to tell Sally! EEEEEEK that was hard! But, I managed to persuade her that it was best all round if we worked separately - that way I wouldnt hold her up as Im more fussy in my cleaning than she is!  She took it quite well and she still likes me! But at least now if she makes a mistake its down to her and only her! Ive worked there 6 years and never had a complaint about my cleaning. We were starting to get complaints and I didnt like that!

Phew sorry that went on for ever didnt it!

Laine xxx

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Hello out there world

Hello everyone. So sorry I have been away for a while - did you miss me? I have missed all of you! I havent been to visit you all like I should have! I've not felt like writing in my journal - I have been too busy studying. Well the English is done now! Could only do my best and my best is what I did! Just got one science exam left at end of June.

I really dont know where this is all leading. I do want to teach. I will probably teach adults. Im not sure a school is for me now. I love the kids but I hate the heirachy (however you spell that) and the politics! Im doing a course on adult education at the mo. Its just a starter for voluntary work. Im also investigating doing a Cert. Ed. (Certificate of Education.) Then I could teach art in an art college! That would be fab but I'd have to brush up on me Art knowledge pretty dam swift!

Its a year ago that I did my degree show! This year's students have their private view tonight! I have been invited but dont know whether to go or not. Im so tired these days I really dont feel like doing anything.

We havent bought a rabbit yet! (hmm sounds like a song, familiar) Anyway, we havent got a rabbit yet coz Im worried about the foxes in this areas.

OMG I think im gonna buy a PS3!!! shall I, shall I? I have the urge.

Laine xxxx