Monday, 12 May 2008

Exam over

The exam was very very hard! I did rubbish - I really did! Im in a bad mood about it! I didnt even finish it! It was that bad! In fact no one in the room finished it! Everyone thought it was hard!

English on Thursday! Speaking and listening! Im good at that! I hope!

Laine x


getmeslippers said...

Sorry you didn't like your exam.  

jmoqueen said...

Hun if nobody in the room finished it then there is no reason to beat yourself up about it xx  Chin up and look forwards...................*fingers crossed* for your English exam x


sarajanesmiles said...

Don't worry too much, it's done now.  You probably didn't do half as badly as you think, any of you :o)

Luck for Thursday!
Sara   xxx

egre328 said...

Don't waste time worrying about it.....what's done is done!  Eileen x