Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Just for my Gina

I wasn't going to write an entry tonight and my friend Gina texted me and said 'oh no, no journal'. Bless her - well here I am hun - Im here!! Look - its me!! YAY Gina hasn't got AOL so she cant comment but I know she reading!

Well I don't feel myself today.

Had a very very unproductive day. I really didnt feel like doing anything at all. On Monday I really was motivated and tied up my bedroom. Today I was sposed to do the lounge and I didnt! Couldnt be bothered. In fact, I went back to bed and read my book for ages - like nearly all day!! Ha Ha!!!

Well I didnt sleep very well last night so probably why I was lazy.

Went round my friend Joe's after school for a cuppa. Maria and Carol were there too. Nice when we all get together - it will seem weird when my Joe not at that school anymore. I wonder if I will still meet up with them as much - I hope I do!!! Im sure I will!! But my little Joe will have moved on and have new friends.

John and I had a very lovely walk along Bexhill Beach tonight - the sea was right out and we walked along the sands in the sunlight.  It was lovely - quite romantic really.

I've got my teaching lesson tomorrow and I've got to think of a micro-teach to do to the rest of the class - got to be 15 minutes long - Ive left it a bit late - I cant think of anything to do!!! yikes!!! I best get on with it.

Love Lainey xxxxxxx



getmeslippers said...

Oh, I wanna live by the sea.  I always gasp when I first see the sea after a long journey.

gipink said...

Hi Laine's world. It's very thrilling to have at last been able to leave a message in your journal. tee hee xxx

am4039 said...

the walk sounds so nice and romantic. Sometimes you just don't want to do anything. Happy you got a chance to rest and hopefully you will have a wonderful night's sleep.

louiseb411 said...

Nothing better than a coffee and a chat. Glad you had a nice walk good luck today with your micro teach! Louise xx