Thursday, 26 July 2007

I've got a myspace

This is the first day of the skool holidays! yay! Had a lay in we did this morning me and my boys! Then we went into town together.  Joe and I bought the books that were missing from our Harry Potter collection and now we have them all!  Sam bought Sims Pets for the Playstation 2 - its really good! Im waiting for him to get fed up with it!! LOL

Sam has just made me into a Sim and Ive got a great dane but it looks like a dalmation and its name is Ricky! I think my dog will be the best one!

Just found out yesterday that I will be working with one of my neighbours at the school - she already had a job there and she told me yesterday that we will be working together - must go see her later get some more info!!

If any of you have go My Space then go add me to your friends by clicking on the link you can see myspace!! I quite like it there and it  might be a place for me when I finally get this mac code and go on to virgin - Im fed up with AOL they not given me the code yet and Im really cross!

Here is the link

But Im still keeping this journal going - I kinda feel at home here and I love all my J-land friends.

Love Laine xx


sdrogerson said...

I have My Space as well after being bullied by GIANT Sara.
I hope you don't regret leaving AOL my GP did and his speed dropped to 1/2 a mbps despite promises of fast speed.

brainwhispers said...

Myspace smells.

sarajanesmiles said...

I am a giant :o)
That's me in the stick man thing, squashing little people!
He he.
I haven't played with my Sims for aaages, must do that again soon, I have a Spud Sim!
I also have a myspace... but you know that already :o)
Sara   xxx   <--  The best journal buddy in the whole world ever ever ever!!

nightmaremom said...

Don't do myspace, sorry... I don't need the little critters they drop on your PC...
hope you stay here tho!

zoepaul6968 said...

I finally got here,I had a couple of false starts trying to add you lol,but thats my fault,anyway have a good weekend love zoe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

egre328 said...

Glad you are keeping your journal going.  I would miss you!  Eileenx