Friday, 20 July 2007


Hmmmm Brains thinks my John is serious looking - yeah he is isnt he! I must find a better pic to put on my sidebar! I can't find a good one of me and John - but I will eventually!

Did bog all today - nothing - nowt - zilch!

Last night it thundered all night - Oscar and thunder dont mix.  When I went to bed last night I was shattered - I knew I would sleep (coz most nights I dont) and when my head hit the pillow I was off for a lovely slumber.  But, Oscar decides to whimper at the door and he has to go downstairs coz he dont like the thunder. So I stumbles down behind him - with my eyes barely open - coz John does not wake up at all!

So this morning after staying up nearly all night with Oscar I slept - I was happy sleeping and I slept til 12.00 mid-day! Then at lunch-time John and I went into town - so I did do something I spose!

Do you know that the whole country has had rain today and we had none at all! YAY! Even the sun came out!

Weekend here again! Having my hair done tomorrow - highlighted and cut. About time -not had my hair done for ages! Got to look nice for my graduation on Tuesday! OOOOH its Tuesday! LOL

On Sunday we are meeting up with John's brother and his family as we are going to have lots of photos taken.  It is John's mum and dad's wedding anniversary on the 10th August (50th!!) thats their golden! So we are going to put together an album of all of us and the kids for them! My idea!

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Have a good weekend all. Lainexxxx

Thanks for the tag Donna.



louiseb411 said...

Great idea. Have a great weekend  Louise xx

jeadie05 said...

Johns Mum and Dad will love that ..good idea ,Iwas up last night too ,Oh Tuesday !! Jan xx

nightmaremom said...

hugs to you... sounds like a busy day.
Hey hon.. if you need help with the animation ask... notice this one is as still as a board.

brainwhispers said...

Actually, he is kind of smirking in that picture.
Its a knowing smirk, like he has hatched an evil plan to take over the universe or something.
Or the smirk of someone that has just farted.
How come you got no rain? Thats not fair. It was raining when i woke up at 7am and stopped at about 5pm!
Bloomin weather :o/

getmeslippers said...

Enjoy and celebrate your graduation day.  Look forward to seeing a picture of you with the gear on!