Thursday, 19 July 2007

Thursday- Today I have a story for you.

YAY Gina managed to comment on my journal - thanks Gina! YAY - welcome to journal land hun!

Did my micro teach today - I hated doing it! I chose to talk about fractions - silly subject to talk about really. Anyway, didnt like it one bit! Bit worrying seeing as I want to be a teacher LOL!

Anyway, in English this afternoon my tutor said she loved my little short story I wrote and I had to read it out to the class - so now I'm going to write it here just for all of you. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.

The hardest decision.

She stood there wondering what she should do next. Alone in a world of confusion. A state of mind never felt before. So frightening to not be in control, "Why can't I control my life anymore?" she thought. "What is outside this mind state I am in?" Why can't I operate? Why can't I think? Am I losing my mind?

It had been a big decision, a hard decision, but one that needed to be made. If it wasn't made then she would go mad, insane, crazy! Nobody can help. No-one can make decisions for you. She turned and looked at her children playing happily. They had no idea that their world was about to crash around them. Nothing would ever be the same again. She took a huge breath and turned to her husband who was still talking. He had been talking for the last ten minutes, nagging her, interrogating her, really getting at her. He got to her so much that she had learn't to block him out. She had this brilliant knack of being able to go into her own world, pretend he wasn't there anymore.

"It's over" she said, staring right through him as if he wasn't ever there.

"Oh, right. Just like that then." he shouted.

Typical, she thought. Typical answer. She didn't care anymore. She had become numb, hardened, stronger.

"Yes, just like that." She smiled at him.

"Right, so who is telling the kids then?" he snarled.

"Well, I don't think it's the time orplace for that", she said in annoyance.

She ran over to her children and embraced them. They are all she had now. "It's just you and me kids", she thought as she cuddled them close.

Five years later.............

She will never forget that day, the day she made the hardest decision of her life. The pain, the confusion, the emptiness. She just can't believe that her life was so miserable. The children are so happy now; she is so happy now. He went away out of their lives, the best thing he could ever have done. It was hard on the children at first. They missed thier daddy so much. She felt guilty, as if she had driven him away. Now she is in her new life, new man and new dreams.

Well Im sure you will guess that that is a true story and its about me! Yes it is! I'm going to be writing lots of little short story type creative writing type thingies! So I will write them in here when I've done them! Share them with you all.

Love Laine xxxx



cherry2sweet2eat said...

wow your strong lainey.

sarajanesmiles said...

I guessed that it was true m'dear.
Loved it Lainey Laine, I didn't know that you write... am impressed :o)
(I miss you too, we'll talk soon hon I promise)
Sara   xxx

am4039 said...

love the story and happy your made the right decision.

jeadie05 said...

Iam so pleased you made the decision to change things ,and are now happy Jan xx

rivercitygirl1 said...

Awesome Laine.  :)

tellsg said...

I am so glad that you have turned your life around.  You have come a long way baby!  Good for you.  Loved the story.  Hugs, Terry x

louiseb411 said...

Great story and a happy ending! Glad the teach thing was not too bad! Louise xx

acoward15 said...

I admire anyone that is prepared to go into teaching these days.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

That sound like a dream come true to me!!! Hugs,TerryAnn

brainwhispers said...

Can John smile?
I dont like coming over to someones journal and seeing a serious face!
he he

jeanno43 said...

Really enjoyed the story and all the more because it is true. I am glad that you made things change and that you are happy now.

jacksj989 said...

Hi there Gina,

Although I used to work at my local college, as a technician, I have tutored but never taught as a teacher.  My work was 'one on one' usually with computer students.

Over the twenty or so years that I worked in college, I have had the pleasure of assisting many new teachers and I cannot remember any that enjoyed their first teaching session.

That said, some of the most nervous teachers made, in the long run, the best teachers.

I do hope you enjoy your next teaching session.


ally123130585918 said...

Laine I thought to story was about you ~ and you were very brave to make that decision and of course it was the right decision ~ I'm just so pleased you are happy now ~ Ally x

geocachelinda66 said...

Today is my anniversary.  Read my journal!  I'm writing it now...  Linda