Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Im really tired! Really tired.

I worked hard today I did! June and I have 11 lodges to do in about 5 weeks. We are going to work 3 days a week - we should get them done - We are both very thorough cleaners so we will probably take longer than everyone else but I'd rather the job was done properly.  June is going to do the bedrooms etc. and Im going to do the kitchens. I love doing the kitchens although it means my hands constantly in hot water and cleaning stuff. (Manky hands like you Sara!) I will have to invest in good handcream!

We did well today but we didnt finish our first lodge yet. We are going to do two at a time, clean the carpets then move on to the next two. I make sure the heating is on ahead so we go into nice warm lodges.  We have got 21 to 30 and then we have got 43 as well. I will have to take a piccy tomorrow to show ya! Crikey can't believe I just wrote about all that - how boring LOL.

I'm back to science class tomorrow morning - no work! yay! I have done no homework at all - so spose I better do some later.  I've so much I want to do - I want to finish my new Koontz novel coz its so good, I wanna play with my Sims Castaway coz Im worried about my girl and I havent found one crew member yet, I need to do my English homework too coz I've got English on Thursday and I also need to finish getting my badge on Pogo coz its new badges tomorrow! I never thought I'd be so busy LOL! All stuff I like doing though! yay!!

OOPS not taken Oscar out today yet!! Awww bless my Oscar - tomorrow I shall take him on a nice long walk in the afternoon coz I will have afternoon free tomorrow yay!!

See you laters.

Lainey xxxx


sdrogerson said...

does a dog want a walk in the rain?

sarajanesmiles said...

We can be the manky hand gang... just thee and me :o)
Lainey Laine... I enjoy reading whatever you have to say, it's never boring.  Wants to see photies of nice sparkly clean lodges :o)
Biting my tongue about the sims!
Sara   xxx

labdancer51 said...

Hi Laine, I think a job worth doing is worth doing well. Taking a little bit longer always gives the best results.  I don`t think it`s at all boring. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

aniracj said...

Join the club with really tired.....I am kernackered with doing full time hours....real shock to the system!!! Good job though it is, with the Mental Health team (I know, it suits me bearing in mind I'm daft!!!) and is a bit manic at times (had a woman go doo-lally in reception today, and guess who was on reception duty!!!) but good. Enjoy your science class tomorrow and hope you find your crew member, LOL!! love Joan

egre328 said...

I am really tired too and I have manky hands (always do in winter), but I am not working half as hard as you!  Enjoy your lessons and keep up the good work.  Eileenx

sugarsweet056 said...

I agree with you, a job worth doing is worth doing properly!!! Get some good hand cream, but here's a tip...massage them heavily in Vasoline & pull on old socks over them at bed time, sleep like that. Hands will be soft & beautiful. (I do that with my hands & feet, something granny & mom did)
Give a big hug to Oscar from me & girls.  :)

am4039 said...

sounds like a lot of cleaning, know wonder why you are tired. have fun in school.

jeadie05 said...

You certainly arent going to get bored ..love Jan xx