Saturday, 26 January 2008


Im full up now! Just ate a chinese - it was yubbly yummly yummy yum it was! But, I hope it don't upset my tummy tum tum! hee hee Burp!

Im sooooooo excited - it dont take much! I bought Pogo Island for my DS and its so good - I loves it! I get to transfer the tokens to my Pogo account - I dont know if I told you but I am a Pogo addict - check it out! Well I loves it!

We got excited over Sims Castaway coz we found a crew mate! yay!!! Sam and Joe have taken it over a bit - but I dont mind coz Ive got my Pogo Island.

Right back to the joys of Saturday night TV! Harry Hills TV Burps then I think we have Dancing on Ice Make me a star - actually I love these programmes! hee hee.

Laine xxx


sugarsweet056 said...

Dropped in to wish you a lovely wkend.

cherry2sweet2eat said...

lol omg you said you just ate a chinese i hope you didnt omg that would be cannibalism.

jeadie05 said...

I love chinese ,we had M&S bubble and squeak cakes, bacon, eggs and toatoes Jan xx

haileen2003 said...

Glad you enjoyed your Chinese meal....not had one for ages!
We had Fish in a Florentine sauce (Spinach).
Harry Hill.....great,.the only thing we watch on a Saturday night, but did record the Ice Dancing for me.
Enjoy your Sunday

sdrogerson said...

no chinese for us tonight..............
what's that then?

sarajanesmiles said...

Mmm... chinese... I had one the other night :o)
You found a crew mate... you must be on the second island then... yaaay!
Did you form a tribe?
Hopes your tum is ok hon.
Sara   xxx