Sunday, 6 January 2008

I can't think of a subject!

End of holidays!! boooooooooo!

Went to Christmas do on Saturday night at Crowhurst Park with all my workmates. It was soooo good! It was a Casino night and all the drinks were on the house and there was food too.  John and I played Blackjack all night - not real money!! John won 220 tokens on the Blackjack - I lost all mine! But we had such a good time. Was also good to be back with all my old workmates again. John put his 220 on red on the roulette and it came up!! yay!!! So he ended up with 440 tokens but he didnt win the prize coz someone had won 2,000!  My boss, bless her, was so drunk and as John and I left she hugged us both and told us how much she loved us! Everyone was staying in lodges as the holidaymakers are all gone now. I wished we could have done but our babysitter couldnt stay all night.  

Today we went shopping to buy Sam and Joe new school trousers! And then........ I decided to buy a new Playstation 2 with my Christmas money (coz my old one had broked) - I already had £80 on my Game card. I got Buzz Hollywood with it - that is brilliant - so funny!  I also got a Singstar game (to add to our collection) and I bought Sims Castaway - think that's Sara's fault!  The boys have taken over the Sims game though and Im a bit confused coz I dont know where my girl is now and I think she is lost.  I might start another game!

I was really fed up because I saw the book I bought for £18 the other day half price in Smith's today!! Hmmmmph - but it's so good I really don't mind - it's the new Dean Koontz and it's called The Darkest Evening of the Year. It's all about a Golden Retriever - that's why I bought it - it's really good!!!

I also bought some more books the other day - I got a bargain in Smith's I got all the Jane Austen novels for just £4.99!!  I have never read them all! So I've got alot of reading to do.  I really have to get on with my English homework - I'm supposed to have an essay written about The Handmaid's Tale for the end of the week!! Eeeeeek!!! Also I havent done my Science project yet either!! Crikey where has the time gone!! OOOOh I almost forgot I have another Margaret Attwood book, I got for Christmas from Emma, it's The Blind Assassin - think that will be good too.

OOOH and I bought another book called Myrren's Gift - by Fiona McIntosh and its book one in a series of books called The Quickening! Never ever read her books so Im looking forward to that too.  Crikey Ive got so much to read!!! Also got to read Othello soon too!!! Cripes!!!!

Sorry Im so into books at the moment that Im going to bore you!

Im back to work tomorrow at the holiday park - I've got my partner June and we are really looking forward to working together - she is lovely! Im going to be working Mondays and Tuesdays til 3pm and Thursdays til 12.00 noon. I will be at Science class Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons and be at English lessons on a Thursday afternoon. So I will be very busy!

I have definately decided I am not going back to the school at all - not even voluntary as I dont see why I should give them any of my free time.  I will continue at Crowhurst Park until I can find something else.  I do feel much happier!

Laine xxxxxx

p.s. but Im sad tonight coz my John is away! :0(


jeadie05 said...

Laine you will never bore me talking about books ,I can relate to how you feel now you have decided not to give the school any more of your time ,free and relieved lol Jan xx

egre328 said...

Sorry your John is away, but it makes it all the more special when he comes home again..........Glad you have had a good time with all our friends, don't give up on your dream yet, that school might not have been for you (well some of the teachers anyway rather than the children in the school), but there will be others.  I think you are perfect for the job!  That is my humble opinion.  Eileenx

sdrogerson said...

Glad you have read sopme Attwood - the Blind Assassin is a big book in all sorts of ways -= let me know what you make of it..................hope that doesn't put you off...............

Ah jane Austen I love her prose............

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I enjoy books as well..hope John gets home soon..have a good week!  Hugs,TerryAnn

sugarsweet056 said...

I enjoy reading too, get most of my books at the Thrift Store. They have a HUGE area of all kinds...of course they're not ones that've been newly rleased, but I always find ones I like, & for 25 or 75 cents. :)

tellsg said...

Hi Laine, you know I am a crazy reader too.  I have several on the go at the moment, I have managed to pick up some real good ones from the charity shops recently so my stock is large, ooooh that feels good.  Glad you are enjoying at the holiday park, it must be great to be in a good atmosphere after the last few months.  The party there sounded really good and so nice to be back amongst friends, eh?  Good luck with the studying.  Hugs, Tells x

ally123130585918 said...

You have quite a lot of reading ahead of you and getting Jane Austin for £4.99 that was a bargain I love her books ~ glad you decided not to go back to school ~ Hope John gets home soon :o) ~ Ally x

sarajanesmiles said...

Aww... hopes your John is back soon lovely.
((((( )))))

You have the sims castaway... yaaay!
I'm addicted to it.
Just found a temple, repaired a forge and can now make stuff out of glass.

Dean Koontz... his new book is good then?  Should I buy it?  Should I?  :o)
I have book token pennies to spend that are burning a hole in my pocket.  Or a hole in the kitchen counter, 'cause they're not really in my pocket.  


Sara   xxx

cherry2sweet2eat said...

i think im going to save up and  buy a playstation 3.

jmoqueen said...

Wow that's a lot of books mentioned in one entry lol.........Ooooo at the Jane Austen one's though.  I've never read them but would like too!!  You should get Guitar Hero for your playstation ;-)