Thursday, 24 January 2008


I'm still not well. I've got that nasty Irritable Bowel thing back. I had that when I was working at the school and I put it down to stress. Well Im not stressed now so why it come back? :0(. Hmmmph! I bought some of those anti bacterial yoghurt type drinks today - you know the ones. Anyway, see if they help my tummy get better.

We went to our Tesco temporary store today - coz we are getting a brand new Tesco in about a year's time! So excitedly I got John to take me to the temporary one coz I like new things I do. I liked it! It's still got everything you want and I still got the pharmacy there for Sam and Joe's injections - phew.

Just had to break off to chat to my Mum - she was really chatty - she is enjoying her retirement and she is going to try some sort of salsa dancing tomorrow with her friends. I think she is enjoying not being at work.

My friend and I were fed up today at work. Two of the girls doing lodges have only got two lodges done so far.  June and I have got five done.  We are both on schedule - in fact I did a little schedule for us and it left us a week to do all the bitty bits. Now our supervisor is saying that we have to hurry up coz the other girls are behind and they will need help!!! Oh noooooooooo now me and June are gonna slow down. Also in some of the lodges we have done already I discovered new ovens delivered!! HMMMM took me ages to clean them ovens just for them to go on the scrap heap! Be nice if they had told us!  Oh well.

But.......... I have tea breaks when I like - I had my lunch at 11am and I left work at 12.00!! Hee hee so it isnt all that bad and I love my Juney that I work with I do!

Thank you Sara Sara for my little smilies - cheered me up they did.

Watched 28 Weeks Later (film) - it was good! I never knew Robert Carlisle could be so scary! yikes!!!  My next film to come is Little Miss Sunshine - quite a contrast! Hee hee. Im a right little film buff arent I! Well I like it so much I upgraded my Amazon rental thingy to 4 DVDs a month! We gets to have two at a time too!! YAY!!!

See you soon peeps - I will try come round see you all sometime - I know, I know Im so terrible at that!

Laine xxxxxxxxxx


labdancer51 said...

Hi Laine, I drink Yakult every day and I find it really helps my digestion.  I think you should slow down as you don`t want to start helping those two girls. Once you start doing that you`ll always be doing it, I know I`ve been in a similar position in the past.

Love Sandra xxxx

egre328 said...

You slow down a bit at work or you and June will end up doing much more than your fair share.  Hope your tummy settles down, my hubby has IBS and it isn't pleasant.  Eileenx

sugarsweet056 said...

Isn't there something the Dr can give you to help?
Hope you have a beatiful day, nice tomorrow, & great wkend.

zoepaul6968 said...

I found those yoghurt drinks gave me such a jippy tummy I went to the loo three times a day,who needs that? Try taking diralyte in a drink if you can,just to replace your salts and sugars and REST !!!xxxxx zoe xxxxxxxxxxxxx

haileen2003 said...

I have had IBS for years, along with other things....I know what suits me now, and work around it.
We didn't like 'Little Miss Sunshine,after all the hype, very disappointed at the end for me. Have just enjoyed 'The Painted Veil', but then I'm 'fond' of Edward Norton;>)
Hope tomorrow is better...

cherry2sweet2eat said...

IBS when i was sick i thought i had that and at times i think i do but im not to sure.

sarajanesmiles said...

I have those little yoghurt drinks, they're yumbly aren't they.
((( )))'s for your moody bowel :o)

I use Lovefilm for DVD's.  Is the same kind of thing that you have at Amazon I think.  I love it too :o)

Chill out a little at work hon... not fair that you and June working really hard will mean that you get to do someone else's work too!  Cheeky things!

Today you earned yourself two smiley faces, one hug and two exclamation marks.
:o)  <-- that one was a free gift.

Sara   xxx

aniracj said...

Those yoghurt drinks help me when I have a dodgy tummy so hope they will work for you!! Try the activia yogurts as well, they are will tasty(thats coming from someone who has to be force fed yogurts, LOL)!!! Don't work too hard, take care. love Joan

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

AWWWW!...I hope you get to feeling better....I hate stomach troubles..Hugs,TerryAnn

rcfairy said...

Lainey, those 'bacterial yoghurt drink' things you've just bought are intended to - and I quote - "aid digestive transit".  That means that they make you poo. Often.  And copiously.  I have occasional attacks of IBS and I can tell you, the very last thing I need is faster 'digestive transit'.  Much faster and I'd be propelled into outer space.
Eat more eggs girl, they'll bind you <gg>