Sunday, 30 March 2008

Promised pictures and more

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. I'm a bit fed up today because I know I have to write an essay for my Othello and I still havent finished reading it and I just can't seem to! Every time I try it just doesnt sink in  - I have to have essay handed in by Thursday - its only 5 % of the marks - it doesnt seem worth it! Im really fed up and down about it so I will cheer up by showing you some piccies!

I got this lovely new phone on Friday and I took some great piccies with it over the weekend - its a Sony Ericsson K850i - I have always had Nokia so its all new to me but its a great camera and it has 5mega pixels! It looks like this:

Isnt that just a cool looking phone and all the reviews say it is the best on the market for a camera! And best still I paid nothing for it at all! It was free with my new contract with Virgin! YAY!!!!


Here is me yesterday in London having a cuppa before I went to the Ideal Home Exhibition. I traveled up to London with my friend Carol who was meeting her sister so we had a cuppa before we went our separate ways.

After the exhibition I met up again with Carol and her sister and Carol's little boy Jonty had bought this teddy bear!

This is today, John and I took our lovely Oscar Oscarto the beach which is his most favourite place in the whole world - see he is smiling!

New Camera phones does sepia!

And the promised picture of my new car!

Awww my old car is hiding behind it. That is going to be scrapped this week - sad really!

Lainey xxxx

p.s. anyone want to write my essay for me! ( Im going, Im going!)


sdrogerson said...

great photos

sdrogerson said...


ally123130585918 said...

Laine loved your pictures and Oscar really is smiling isn't he :o) ~ I wish you luck with your Essay knowing you ~ you will come up with something I am sure ~ Your new phone looks great and takes lovely pictures ~ Ally x

madcobug said...

That's a neat phone and does take good pictures. Oscar looks so cute smiling while playing in the water. Love your new car. Good luck on that studying. Helen

tellsg said...

Great pictures, sorry can't help you with the essay but sure you'll get thru it.  Have a good week.  Hugs, Tells x

egre328 said...

Great pictures from your new phone!   Isn't Oscar a sweetie?   Loved your new car too, bet your old one is feeling a bit unloved at the moment awwwwww  Eileenx

sarajanesmiles said...

Thank you for my tadpole Lainey Laine :o)
Now... write your essay!
Write it write it write it!!!
Sara   xxx
PS... likes your photies hon :o)
O~ O~ O~ O~ O~ O~ O~ O~ O~

aniracj said...

Love the phone, my one does sepia as well!!! Love the car - one of my favourite colours....happy driving!!! Will catch up with you 123 emails to wade through!! Have you finished that essay yet?