Friday, 7 March 2008

Hello out there world.

Hello out there all you in journal world. I haven't written anything this week for a few reasons really. One being that I feel that it's a bit off expecting people to read my journal when I don't read anyone elses very often - and I feel bad about that but I just don't have the computer on much and don't get much time to visit you all. I try every now and then to try catch up with you all and I have not forgotten any one of you! You hear?!!!

I also haven't really had much to say - I've been a bit down this week. I haven't had any work and I didn't know when I would be working again. You see we finished the winter clean and then when the park opened again there wasn't many bookings, therefore, no work. So I just was moody all week and bored, bored, bored, bored! I need to work or do something - I need to feel needed.

Anyway, lots has happened this week, oh yes it has! I feel betterer today! I do! See Im smiling, see! Now where shall I start.

Work: I go back to work next Monday - so feel betterer about that. Also, my neighbour, and friend, Sally. (I used to work with her at the school). Well she is like my new friend at the mo! Hee hee I likes new friends! We have gotten quite close lately. She has finished at the school and being that she only lives two doors away from me in our little Close - we keep popping into each other for coffee! She has kept me going this week. Well, I got her a job at Crowhurst. Well she got it herself really but I told her about it. So we are going to be partners at work! Yay!!! I likes my new friend!

Me: I put an Ad in the Friday Ad for cleaning! I thought I would try start my own business up! I've had one enquiry so far! Which is good and promising - I hope that something comes of it! It will be useful to try fit cleaning in with my GCSEs and also be able to stay at Crowhurst too! So I will let you know how that goes! I got a call from a lady who is 8 months pregnant and needs help round the house. She will ring back on Monday to say whether she wants to see me or not! I'm saying that I will charge £8.50 an hour for a minimum of two hours. I dont think that is over the top as I would have to pay for my petrol too and then when eventually the tax man takes some off me I need some left! Hee hee! So Im going to stick at that rate for now. Im quite excited about it I hope I can build up clients.

This week we decided that we WILL get another dog. I want to get one before Oscar gets too old. So this week, in the Friday Ad, there was a golden retriever, age 2, family dog £50.00. We were nearly tempted but due to lack of funds we didnt go for it. It's not just the £50. it's all the extras too and if I do get another doggy I want to be able to get it everything it needs! I think Oscar needs a friend he is such a sociable dog! I think I would like to get a puppy though. So if I do well in my job and get lots of pennies that is our next venture! yay!!!

I'm still doing well with my studies and today we had Michael Foster, MP for Hastings, in to look around and I had a word with him about why there wasnt any teacher training opportunities in Hastings and why was it so hard for adults to get into colleges for GCSEs! My tutor said I told him exactly what she wanted, so that was good! Horizons, where I do my learning, needs more funding so he was the man to talk to! Hopefully!!

Anyway, I must go and give my Oscar his tea and my laptop is about to run out of power!!! yikes!!

Love Laine xxxxx


aniracj said...

Hiya. Good that you are going to get back to work on Monday and that you are considering branching out on your own!!!! I'd love to get company for Sam but because we are at work all day it would not be fair to leave Sam all day with a stranger so to speak, but yes I would love to get a little companion for Sammy.....unfortunately he does not understand budgie so conversation between Sam and Milo is a non starter, LOL. By the way I change server sometime tuesday!!!

rcfairy said...

Well done you for speaking up to the MP!

cherry2sweet2eat said...

:) sounds like most of everything is ok.

sdrogerson said...

tis ok I feel the same abut my journal
thanks for the email!!

ally123130585918 said...

Laine glad everything is OK with you ~ you sound like you are one busy little lady ~ wouldn't it be great if you do start a cleaning Service of your own ~ better than working for someone else ~ glad you go back to work on Monday (then you won't have time to get bored :o)  Your friend Sally sounds great will be nice for you to be working together ~ Ally x

sarajanesmiles said...

Lainey hon, just write what you like, when you like, I will always read because you make me smile :o)
Luck luck luck with your business venture, what a good idea that is.
And you're getting a puppy?
How sweeeet... I'm wanting one too lately.
Keep meaning to ask... how did you get on with that story you posted here for us to read?  Can't remember if you told us or not!
Sara   xxx

gaboatman said...

Don't hold off writing because you haven't visited our journals.  
Write whenever you want.  Honest, it's okay and we'll still like you, LOL.  Glad to hear you are going back to work soon, I know how frustrating that must be.  Good luck with the house cleaning business.  That could be a great supplement to you income.  I understand about you wanting a companion for Oscar, I hope you find the perfect little buddy for him!  Take care and write again when you can.

getmeslippers said...

Good to hear from you.  I would love you to do cleaning for me if I lived nearby.  I am not a good cleaner!  Good luck with it.  £8.50 is a reasonable charge.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Hope you find the dog you like and that with Spring around the corner you will feel renewed...It has been a long winter or so it seems...Have a good weekend!  Hugs,TerryAnn

egre328 said...

Hiya.......good luck with starting your own business - hope you get lots of takers.  Ahhhhh a new puppy in the offing, you will look into his eyes and fall in love all over again, you won't choose him, he will choose you!  Hope you are soon feeling better and don't worry about how often you write your journal..........that's up to you, just write when you feel like it.  Take care.  Eileenx

haileen2003 said...

Nice to hear from you Laine, I don't know how you are bored? always sound so busy!
Hope the business venture takes off, wish you were nearer, I coud use some help :>)
I have been seriously thinking of buying a Puppy, but Allan doesn't think I'm well enough, as they need a lot of attention, we will see. Haven't owned a Dog for years now.

Thanks for your visit to me

dianaka58 said...

Nice to hear from you Lainy. I have been rather ill for the past month or so making it a very long winter and I havent been keeping in touch with anyone much lately either. Looking forward to spring. Good luck on your new job venture! I am sure you will be able to find just the right puppy when he/she comes along, you will feel it in your heart. Enjoy the upcoming spring and summer. Hugs, Dianna