Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Alerts Alerts!!

So sorry if I've not caught up with your journal over weekend - I am so behind with alerts!

I just ate a Lindt chocolate bunny! All that is left is his bell and ribbon and crumpled up tin foil! It looks rather sad now!

Well what a weekend!

Had trouble with Joe and that is all sorted out now! Stuart made me feel better - thank you Stuart. Also thank you to everyone who gave me advise about the lil teenager!

Saturday: Went to work as normal. Drove van round all day at work - was rushed off my feet! Got home and said to John that my car seemed a bit wierd and also the heating wasnt coming on. So John took said car up to petrol station. John didnt get there! He phoned me in a panic - ummmmm your car is on fire, I think! Whoops! So I drive up to rescue him in our other car! Oh dear - think my car is dead I say! Well we phoned the RAC man and he came along and said nothing he could do - so he towed it home for us! That's it my car reached the end of its life and is now just sitting waiting for the scrapheap!! awwwww

Sunday: Go to my Mum and Dad's for lovely Sunday roast! Yum!!! Also my Dad handed over his car to me!! How lucky was it that I was picking up my Dad's car the day after mine blew up!! Ha Ha!!!  When I got in the car to drive home my Dad kept telling me about the glove compartment, eventually I looked over and there was my little Lindt Rabbit waiting for me in my new car! Awwwww my Mum and Dad are brilliant! I had a little trouble getting used to it first of all  but by the time we got back to Hastings I was like Stirling Moss! Hee hee!

Monday: Had a bit of a wierd weekend really coz I had to work Friday, Saturday and Monday - it didnt really feel like I had a break! Well I didnt did I LOL! Anyway, my boys were away til Monday night and John and I normally enjoy our weekends together but it felt funny - I dont know why! We went to Dunelm Mills and I bought the boys new curtains for their bedroom and also a new bread bin! Thats the highlight of our Monday!

Tuesday: Worked today again! Very tired now! John handed his notice in and they asked him to go to head office straight away - well that's in Coventry so he is travelling up there tonight so he is not home tonight :0(.  I have got loads of homework to do. Science test tomorrow morning - physics! Bleh!!! Too much to do!! Why am I doing it? I have also got to read and write an essay about Othello by 3rd April! Bleh again!!! Well I have sat here since five and not done a thing! Bleh!!

My brother rang tonight! Yay!!! I spoke to my little nephew - he said "Thanks Aunty Laine for my Easter" Then he said "I got a Pano" Bless him! He has got a little piano! Awwwww. He will be three in May! Can't believe how much he chatters to me on the phone now! They are coming down for Stan's birthday so cant wait for that! Also my brother asked if they could have a holiday with us! Awwww my brother is coming to stay with us for a whole week! I get them to myself for a whole whole week!!! I love them all so much!! yay!!!!

My Mum and I booked to go and see Hairspray! Can you believe how much the tickets were! £60.00 each!!! thats each!!!! So just my Mum and I going! We are going on the 15th April in the evening and my Dad is going to look after the boys and Oscar for me so John does not have to worry. 

Right think that is about it! I better go and do my science! I have a project to do that I havent even started and lots of revision! I really dont feel like doing it! Im in John's office as he is away! It feels funny!

Love Laine xxxx




madcobug said...

Glad that you got your Dad's car so soon after yours went on the blink. Bet that Chocolate Bunny was good. Helen

egre328 said...

Wow, you have been having a busy time of it lately.  Glad that John was ok driving your car, what an experience!  Aren't your mum and dad just lovely?  Awww the little Easter Bunny hiding in there for you.....and what a wrapping.......a new car!  Hope you have a quieter week and enjoy driving your new car.  Eileenx

sdrogerson said...

are you going to claim on your insurance for the car going up in flames. I did and I got more thanwe paid for it!

I have cut down my journal reading to abour eight or so and cancelled all other alerts. Life is more than alerts!

I'm glad I was able to be of help

jeadie05 said...

I thought at first you had the new car go on fire ,try ther insurance thing as Tuart suggests ,good luck with your project ..love Jan xx

aniracj said...

Sounds like an eventful weekend 'Lainey!!! Wierd how your old car gave up like that,,,,,,,,do you think it knew something??? I had a white Lindt bunny and a milk choc lindt bunny....white one half eaten and milk one still totally intact - not normal for me, wonder why they are both still in that state?!!! Speak to you soon, love Joan

sarajanesmiles said...

Bunny eater!!!

We were all at our parents for Sunday dinner.  I was at my Mum's, she didn't give me a car or a choccy bunny, but she did give me some frog spawn :o)

I love Dunelm Mills!

Sara   xxx

cherry2sweet2eat said...

thank god yall had two cars!

louiseb411 said...

Sounds like you have had a busy time, what a bit of luck your dad giving you his car. Glad you have sorted Joe out! Good luck with your homework..I have only read Macbeth! Louise xx

jmoqueen said...

How comes John's handed in his notice?  I reckon your car knew you were getting a newer one and felt jealous ;-)  That's great that your brother is coming to stay with you.  Tickets for the west end are dear!!!