Friday, 28 March 2008


Hi everybody!

Im a bit behind with my alerts so sorry if I havent visited you! Im getting all stressed with them now - if I dont turn on my puter for a while they pile up they do!

I was on stage today! yay! It was so so good to be part of a production! It was only a snippet of what is to come - today was all about getting the funding for a musical production in the summer next year! We sang really well and some audience members got quite emotional! I loved it so much - it uplifted me big time!

I got a new phone today too - Ive got a Sony Ericcson K850i - I have always had Nokia - so it will be a test for me! Im finding my way round it slowly. My old phone was playing up and I phoned Virgin and they said Im due for an upgrade anyway so that's what I did! It has a 5 mega pixel camera on it!

I promise I will get a pic of my new car soon - Ive not had time!

I did my first mock English GCSE - it was hard! I hated it! bleh!

I have still got to write about Othello! I cant even get time to read the bloomin book!

Im going up to London tomorrow to see the Ideal Home Exhibition! That will either depress me or inspire me! One or the two! Probably depress me coz I have no money to do my house nice!

Have a good weekend peeps!

Lainey xxxx


sdrogerson said...

turn the alerts off it makers life much better!

jeadie05 said...

My Daughter in law is going to the ideal home exhibition ,on Monday Jan xx

aniracj said...

Have a good time tomorrow 'Lainey, I used to go every year to the ideal home exhibition when I was down in London, but have not been in the 22 years I have been up here!!! We have a waggy tail in the house again, yay!!!

egre328 said...

Oh, I haven't been to an Ideal Home exhib for years.......I used to really enjoy them,though I didn't have the money to do anything aout it!  Hope you get some inspiration.  Have a lovely weekend.  Eileenx

sarajanesmiles said...

Lainey... don't stress about alerts hon, turn them off!  Visit only when you have the time, this is supposed to be fun, not stressy :o)

Have a fab time today.

Sara   xxx

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I love the stage too and it has been years..I should go to the try outs here..maybe I would have some enjoyment in life..have a great weekend!  Hugs,TerryAnn