Monday, 17 March 2008

Haircut Part two!

I tried, I tried. I tried to keep quiet but I havent!

Well, the continuing saga of the haircuts for my boys goes on!

Sam went into town on Saturday with his money in hand and he went into a barber's and got his hair sorted out himself. He can, he is 14!

My twelve year old Joe has still not got his done! I just havent had the time to go into town! His Dad is still nagging him! Keeps asking why hasnt he had it done! Well, I was crafty I said to my Joe (remember he is 12) here is ten pounds Joe, you can either keep it or use it to do your hair! Well, I knew that put him in a bit of a predicament but Im fed up with his Dad nagging him! Of course, a 12 year old dont care what his hair looks like! His Dad was talking to Joe on MSN tonight and he said to Joe, "Get your Mum to get your hair cut!" Bloody cheek! Who is he to tell me what to bloody do! OOOH that's twice I swore! Well, I went mad and told Joe that his Dad cant tell me what to do, Im not married to him anymore and that if Joe didnt want to have his hair cut he didnt have to! So now Im as bad as him involving Joe!

I hate that man so much! I have never hated anyone as much as I hate him! He wants to take them to a wedding so he wants their hair cut so why doesnt he bloody get it done then!

grrrrrrrrrr Im sorry he makes me so angry!

Anyway, forget that! Ive now decided to trim Joe's hair myself! Im also thinking of letting them both dye their hair jet black just to annoy him! But then now Im stooping! I know, I know!

I was gonna tell you good stuff today. Like my Dad is giving me his car as he has a new one. And that Im working all week and that Im happy in my job. And that my John is taking on a new job. And that its my Aunty Pat's birthday today! Hmmmm Im all annoyed with myself now.

Laine xxx


labdancer51 said...

Just tell him Laine,  that if he wants Joe to have his hair cuts so badly. to take him to the barbers himself. No wonder your angry, I`d be furious too!

Love Sandra xxxx

sarajanesmiles said...

What is it with the hair thing?
I've had this with my J too.
His teacher telling my Mum that he's upset because his hair needs cutting.
My Mum making a huge fuss because J's hair needs cutting.
Is the world going to come to a standstill because the boy needs a haircut?
The truth is, he doesn't care what his hair looks like.
He gets upset because other people keep going on about it!!
I am being stubborn.
I can do stubborn well when I want to :o)
I am thinking of letting him grow it reeeaaally long, just to annoy everyone else.
This doesn't help you with your thing hon, but I feel better having vented!
Ooh Lainey... you should get your boys fake tattoos hon, that would really freak their Dad out :o)
Sara   xxx

jeadie05 said...

Poor laine cant help thinking he knows he can get to you ,and you mustnt allow it ,Aunty Pat's birthday today ah can guess how she got her name lol Jan xx

zoepaul6968 said...

lol i gotta laff hun,you sound just like me honestly.Look,dye their hair black and...hey why do they have to go to this wedding anyhoo? Whose is it? I mean is it necessary they go at all? cant they throw a sickie? lol yes i would be that evil !! As for you telling joe to tell his dad sommat,dont beat yourself up hun,ive done that and youre not a bad person,its easy to sit here and say 'dont be reactionary',(well it wasnt easy to say it lol),but its hard not to be,just remember...naked neighbour doing the weeding? zoe xxxx

sdrogerson said...

pay no attention to young Sara ;)
just switch off and chill

jmoqueen said...

Hun don't involve Joe ~ that probably puts him in an awful situation and it's bad enough for kids to be involved in divorce etc but to used afterwards it's not good :(
Sorry if that's not what you wanna hear but I feel strongly about stuff like that!!  Just don't let the sod get to you, he is such a git to make you feel bad about something he can't be arsed to do!!  Sorry about my language but grrrrrrrrrr @ him


getmeslippers said...

You just let of steam here, go on, have a good moan and do not communicate with Mr x unless it is essential and for practical reasons only.  I love the idea of your lads dying their hair black, he, he, he.

sexymids1 said...

Awwwww let them dye thier black cause they want to babe and stuff there dad. been there done that and no u not going to his level casue u said it to them. Lainey let them be kids let them do what they want, you look after them you bring them up you love them,don't let him tell u what to do please stand up to him in anyway u can, sorry gettin carried away but absebt dads piss me off cause i know what my ex is like grrrr.
On a lighter note hun thanks for telling ur friends bout my blog

take care love ree xxxx

aniracj said...

Hi 'Lainey, too way do you take his orders......get the boys to have mohicans, LOL!!! Yes I am getting a bit better (the soh is slowly coming back!!). Email me at work please.....I am almost out of time with my 'session' on work pc!!!
love Joan

egre328 said...

Sorry to hear that he is still managing to annoy you.  Don't get into an argument just say it is up to them.  After all, they are old enough to know how they want their hair!  Just think how lucky you are to have got him out of your life on a full-time basis!  That, at least, must make you smile!  Eileenx

egre328 said...

Wow about your dad giving you his car!  Ahhhhhhh what a lovely daddy.  Eileenx

ally123130585918 said...

Laine I am glad you have some good things going on ~ and Happy Birthday to your Aunty Pat ~ and ignore your ex he needs to grow up :o) ~ Ally x

cherry2sweet2eat said...

Your boys are getting big and growing they are at the point as to where they know what they want themselves to look like and who to be. If he doesnt want his hair cut then he doesnt want his hair cut and that dad does not have control over anything in your house hold!