Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Feeling happier

Hi yall!! you lovely people - once again you never let me down and there you all are with your comments! Thanks every one of you - I appreciate it I do!

Anyway, I'm over it now and my boys can do what they like and IM NOT being dictated to by their Dad and Im ignoring him! Yes, your are right Jenny Jen I shouldn't have involved Joe and shouldnt have made him feel bad - but Im afraid sometimes I do do things I shouldnt do! Thats life I spose! I wish kids came with a manual! LOL Also wish you got another manual when your divorced. Then another manual when you meet a new partner, then one for when they become teenagers! LOL

I worked today, as I did yesterday and Im working on Thursday and Friday and probably Saturday and Monday too! So at one time I think I got no work then loads of work! I wasn't cleaning lodges today - I had to pack all the linen that came back from the laundry. It was hard work! I was really tired by the time I finished. I enjoyed it though - I kept singing along to the radio and thinking that this is the best job in the world coz no one bothers ya! My work colleague got on my nerves a bit coz she bossed me around a bit but I didnt care! I was carefree today LOL!

I went to see about a job at someone's house today. They have just moved in and they want the whole house cleaned. I looked around and it didnt look dirty to me! Perhaps Im a slut LOL! Whoops can I say that in Journals - well I just did LOL! Anyway, I have to give them a quote - I will ring my mate tonight, we are going to do it together and I think we will charge £10 an hour. Does that sound ok?

Im really excited about getting my Dad's car on Sunday - its a 1.6 Ford Escort and its purple!! yay!!!! Im gonna have a purple car!!

Tomorrow I am buying purple dye to put in my hair!! Well deep plum but it is a purple colour! My friend is going to do it for me - to highlight the rich auburn LOL! I dont care! Told you - Im carefree today LOL!

My little Joe is turning into a teenager - he grunts and whinges and whines at me and my Sam (14) keeps telling him off and says youdont talk to Mummy like that! They are so different my boys! Sam has never ever ever ever ever, and thats a lot of evers, shouted at me or answered me back or anything. Joe, on the other hand, loves answering back loves being moody and guess what! My mum says he is just like I was when I was his age LOL!!!!! So where did Sam come from LOL

Laine xxxxx


sdrogerson said...

£10 seems pretty ok to me...........
purple car? yeah

jeadie05 said...

Hello Happy Laine ,so pleased you are happy and why not a purple car and purple hair heyyy way to go ,Teenagers are horrid I had four ,but they turned into really nice people so Im pleased I didnt get them adopted lol ...love Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Laine lovely to hear you are so happy ~ Purple Car and Purple Highlights sound good to me ~ perhaps you could start to write those manuals they would be a best seller ~  Good Luck with the quote for house cleaning I'd say £10 was a fair deal ~ Ally x

brainwhispers said...

What is it with everyone and thier hair at the moment?
Is it national hair month?

I have hair, should i cut it too?

egre328 said...

Awwwwww glad to hear that you are feeling happy again.  £10 per hour.....well worth it.  Eileenx

madcobug said...

I am glad that you made a decision about the haircuts. Good for you getting a purple car. I don't know about purple hair though ooops I mean plum. Helen

jmoqueen said...

LOL bless your boys.............on that subject though I really didn't mean anything by that comment but your soooooooooooo right it is just life, we all get caught up in the moments and do things before we think about the consequences so I completely see what you mean xx  I'm so jealous I would love purple in my hair :o)  £10 per hour sounds good to me xx



sarajanesmiles said...

All you can do hon, is what feels right at the time, to you.
There are no manuals.
If there were, we would all do things exactly the same way, and life would be boring :o)
Purple purple purple... makes me smile.
Good luck with the cleaning job... £10 an hour... would you come clean my house too?

No, by the way, Mr Brainwhispers should not cut his hair.  His hair is luffly and I like messing it up :o)
Sara   xxx

gaboatman said...

Just consider yourself lucky Sam did not go through the stage that Joe is going through now, LOL.  Congratulations on getting your Dad's car.  I know that will make a big difference for you.  Glad to hear you have plenty of work again, too.