Tuesday, 20 November 2007

What do you all make of this

I got this comment posted on Myspace today - Obviously Im not Margaret - but think I might be going to www.3cash4.com and earn meself some money - what do ya think? LOL !!!

P.S. Notice I think of you Stuart and I make a bigger font - not like that Sara!! Hmmmph xxxx


Hey Margaret sorry about that I must have given you the wrong one.
That's funny because I tried that one a while ago too, the one I gave you,
and it made me all mad because they sucked real bad, and they didn't pay too
good either they offered like sweepstakes and stuff instead of cash.
But anyways, the right site is www.3cash4.com , it's the one I am making $650 a week with putting in about 23 hours
a week, sometimes up to like 30 hours if I'm daydreaming.
After you get your membership make sure you sign up with the companies on page
one in the members section because they are the ones that pay you the most,
I got $75 for one that took me 25 minutes today. You'll see what I'm talking
about when you get in there.
Jackie started taking them too and she's making $800 a week, it's making me
so mad because I'm the one that showed her which one to sign up with now she's
making more than me.
Alright well me and Andrea are getting ready to leave now, just give me a call
or I'll catch you on here and let me know if you have any problems with your
membership. TTYS hun


sarajanesmiles said...

Are you sure you aren't Margaret?
Margaret in a Lainey disguise?
Sara   xxx
I keep forgetting the font!

acoward15 said...

I might check that out myself.

egre328 said...

Ooooerrrrr, whatever it is it pays well.  Eileenx

brainwhispers said...

That whole thing smells of scammy fraud stink.
Leave it be.

sdrogerson said...

scam poster

jmoqueen said...

Sounds like a con to me ~ be careful lainey xx



haileen2003 said...

Sounds like another CON!!....to me

madcobug said...

Nope, it sounds to good to be true. Helen

jeadie05 said...

Think you should ignore /delete this ..love Jan xx