Monday, 19 November 2007

ng wBorrowed, not stolen...

Good evening all of the people that read Lainey's journal.  I am here to let you know that I have stolen it.  That's right.  Lainey's journal now belongs to me.  I am Sara, by the way.  Hello :o)

I'm lying.  I didn't really steal it.  I just borrowed it for this one entry.  I will put it back where I found it when I have finished.  I promise.

Waves at everybuddy, hello you, and you, and yooouuu.  You look different from here.  How strange.  Mr Brainwhispers... your hair looks all sticky uppy, it never looks that way from my journal.  Stuart... what are you wearing?  You look more like a warrior dwarf than a hobbit :o)  Lainey... is that a bar of Galaxy?  Can I have a bite?  Mmm, yumbly :o)

I have finished.
Wipes of smudgy Galaxy fingerprints and puts it back.

How did you know I was eating Galaxy Sara Sara!!! hmmmph xxxxx Hee hee we can write the same entry! How cool is that! Love Lainey Laine xxxx

I could smell it m'dear.  I have special "smelling out Galaxy" powers.  Did you not know that?  Oh, and don't be hmmmphing at me ;o)

OOPS sorry Sara wasn't really hmmmmphing at you! I loves you! I didnt even see you do another entry right in front of my eyes! The galaxy is now back in the cupboard! ;0) xxxxxx

That's what you think ;o)

You ate some! You ate some you did!! xxxxxxxx

Ate some?  I ate it all.  Smiles, then pats her happy belly :o)  xxxxxxxxx

I nearly did something then - it starts with h and ends with g! But, I won't do it! I'll let you have the satisfaction of eating all my Galaxy coz it made your belly happy! :0)

You be careful with that thing that starts with h and ends with g m'dear.  Unless... did you mean hmmmphing?  Oh, well that's ok then ;o)

LOL! Now the one you were thinking of hun is a doing word! I was saying a describing word. xxxxx

A doing word?  ???  I'm glad that you were saying a describing word and not a doing word.  I was nearly quite shocked.  I was ;o)  xxxxx

Did the doing word at the weekend hun ;o)

I just did the describing word.

What on your own hunni???

The describing word... the DESCRIBING word!! 

OOOOH Yeah sorry hun. You can do the DOING word at the weekend, hee hee. whoops my mistake!



cherry2sweet2eat said...


elainey2465 said...

Awwww you confused my lovely Cherry you did! LOL Bless her she all confuseded now. Hey do you know I can go in and edit I can!! hee hee xxxx

sarajanesmiles said...

I can too :o)
Sorry Cherry, didn't mean to confusel you m'dear.
Heee though, this is fun.
Sara   x

egre328 said...

Think you have all gone mental!  Eileenx

jmoqueen said...

You two are very strange!!