Monday, 11 February 2008

Hee Hee

Teddy's secret will be revealed tomorrow - you got to guess what he is hiding. Answers on a postcard!!!


madcobug said...

I believe by looking at his tummy he may be a pajama holder. Only thing I could think of LOL. Helen

sarajanesmiles said...

He had an "accident" on your pillow, so is sitting on top of it to hide the evidence?
He got a naughty tattoo on his botty?
He ate your galaxy bar and is making chocolate buttons with it inside his tummy?

I didn't have a postcard, so decided to leave my answers right here in your comments bit... hope that's ok :o)

Sara   xxx

brainwhispers said...

Is he hiding Osama bin Laden?

cherry2sweet2eat said...

umm fugitives?

jmoqueen said...

chocolate :o)