Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Bit fed up.

Im fed up tonight - Im not sure why really.

Im worried about one of my dear journal friend's - her doggy has been very poorly and she hasn't had a good day and I hope she is ok!

John and I went with Sam to the school as they were showing all the courses for GCSE - my boy is having to choose GCSEs!!! That's sad! And its scary! Its a big decision to make at 14 years old! We think he is happy to go with Photography, Art and Design, Multi-media and graphics - although we didnt like the graphics teacher much but that will be his 4th option anyway. He is allowed to choose 4 options and hopefully he will get what he wants or he wont be a happy chappy. Of couse he will be doing the core subjects too.

I have an appointment with the Head tomorrow to discuss Sam's future and Joe's come to that. I have not been happy with the school so far for Sam's education there. He is a very bright and intelligent boy and yet his grades have not hardly moved in English since he left primary school! I have not had any luck with the teachers and year heads so now I go to the Head! I will let you know how I get on - to be honest Im not looking forward to it as the damage is done now and they cant undo it but I want them to know Im not happy!

I had a bit of an arugment with John - it was silly really. We got back from the evening at the school and there was a huge pile of washing up to be done and I didnt want to do it. Then John said well I've been working hard all day and some people are able to just sit and drink coffee! Well I didnt like that comment! It meant me of course! I did work this morning and he dont like it that I finish at one and he has to work til 5! Normally I dont mind washing up but as we had been down the school it seemed a bit of a chore to face when we got in. Im more upset really that he referred to me as sitting drinking coffee! I know he works hard - and if I had another job I would work hard but the washing up gets boring and it would be nice just to have a bit of help to do it instead of it being left all to me! There are three other capable human beings in the house! John does do it during the day sometimes I must admit but just tonight I felt a bit fed up doing it but it felt that because I only worked til one and then had my friend round I was having to pay for it! Oh Im just being silly and dont take any notice of me. I dont even know why Im writing all this!

Cripes I ought to go before I depress everyone else too!

Laine xxx


egre328 said...

Oh dear, I know exactly where you are coming from..........men will forever see women as dishwashers......it is the same in our house and I don't like it either!  My son (18) came home with a joke the other day "Mum, why do women have smaller feet than men?:  answer:  "So they can get closer to the sink when they are washing up!".  He found it extremely funny anyway!!!!!!!  I suppose it says it all!  John is probably regretting what he said too, and feeling just as bad.  You probably have too much going round in your head at the moment, what with GCSE choices and your disappointment with the school.  It only takes one small thing to tip us over.  Take care.  Eileenx

sarajanesmiles said...

Washing up is such a boring chore isn't it, it's like ironing.  Meh.  I have seriously considered - on days when I've used every plate and bowl and pan in the house - throwing it all away and buying new instead of washing it all up :o)

Hope you're having a better day today hon.  Lets see that Lainey smile... there, that's much better.

The richter scale thing in my journal... don't be confused, I was just being silly :o)

Sara Sara   xxx

cherry2sweet2eat said...

Whats a GCSE?

jmoqueen said...

Washing up is a boring chore and is it too much to ask for someone, not necessairly do it for you, but to help, coz two hands make lighter work ;-) Valid point for an argument and like you said it's not your fault about the job.  Good luck to Sam choosing his options........eeeek I remember having to do that!!