Saturday, 9 February 2008


Im all happy coz my Sara Sara gave me a Nice Matters award - awwwww thank you Sara Sara your the bestest purply friend in the whole wide world!!! I will put my award on my journal with pride!

I was wondering who to award too! Hmmmm well Sara has already got one and so has Stuart but I want them to be both my first award jointly.

When I was down and feeling low Sara and Stuart were there. When I was stuck and didnt have a flow, Stuart and Sara were there! I've not met them face to face yet! But, they are both very dear to me. Very good friends. Stuart has helped me alot with a lot of things and I will never forget that! Sara has helped me alot too and she has made me laugh so many, many times! Thank you Sara and Stuart for being such good friends.

My second award goes to Joan - Stranny Dayze. Joan has always been there for me even when I don't feel like writing journals and emails me sometimes for a chat which I love so much! She is a dear friend and a great writer of her journal. Thank you Joan. xx

My third award goes to Cherry.  A top top gal! She is. I likes her alot and she always visits me even though I'm just rubbish at visiting people's journals - she has always kept in touch. I admire your strength Diama and your honesty and straightforwardness. I must visit more often! Sorry hun.

Here are your awards althoughI think you probably all got one already. xxxxxx


aniracj said...

Thank you thank you thank you 'Lainey!!! I did notice you boobooed with Sara's journal but I am sure she won't mind, lol!!!  You are a special lady and give me a shout any time you want.....have got 3 nintendo ds games if you me and I will let you know what they are etc

sugarsweet056 said...


frankandmary said...

Well, at least you are nice :-).  I got the award a few times & actually have been rather grumpy lately, but trying to change that!  ~Mary

cherry2sweet2eat said...

thank you elainey i got three now :) I love you no matter how many times you visit!

jmoqueen said...

Congratulations and good choices ;-)


sarajanesmiles said...

Yaaay for Lainey Laine :o)
Aww, and thank you for choosing me hon.
Me and Stuart are jointly nice... I like that :o)
Sara   xxx

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Congrats and well deserved..hugs,TerryAnn