Thursday, 21 February 2008

g hTry again

Well just for Sara Sara I will try agaiiiiinnnnnnn!!

Sara it was a little bit about Final Fantasy and a bit about my Sam.

Final Fantasy: I think Im going to start my game all over again. I realise now I've got to save the game a few times and not just in the same slot!! derrrrrrrrrr! Coz my people cant get rid of their mini spell and they cant fight and Im well stuck - I have realised I cant keep changing their jobs - Ive got to get them strong and learn magic before I get to the mini stage next time - its sooooooooo complicated! Cripes its doing my head in but I like it really.

I was just saying as well how my Sammy Sam is growing up - he is 14 (and half as he says!) and my friend's daughter commented today on how nice he is. Awwwwwww bless cause he nice he my Sam!! He has got all growed up lately! I dont want him to all be growed up - well I do but you know what I mean! Do you? I dont know? See Im noit writing this like I did originally Im all fed up with it now LOL

Good news my ring is ready and we can go get it on Saturday. yay!! Me and John oh ahem I mean John and I! LOL Well we have no kids this weekend so we can be all romantic! hee hee! On Saturday night we are going out with John's brother and his wife for a meal as its John's brother's birthday! It's my Mummy's birthday tomorrow!

My Mum and Dad came to see us yesterday and treated us to a lovely meal out! It was yummy!

Right Im going now!

Laine xxx


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Hope you enjoy your romantic night!  Hugs!  TerryAnn

egre328 said...

Happy Birthday (for tomorrow) Laine's Mummy!  My son has just reached the ripe old age of 18, stepdaughters are now 30 and 28 and are both married with children.  Time flies by so quickly, enjoy every single minute of every day with your precious boys.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Eileenx

aniracj said...

Hi 'lainey.....glad you are getting your ring tomorrow, will never take it off then!! Will email you as we have results on Sam-dog. love Joan

sarajanesmiles said...

Did you put weapons on that had mini on them?
Have any of your characters got esuna yet?  That should cure mini.
Or Elixir... that cures most things.

Or have you just started again?  I've had to do that before :o)

Lovely to hear your Sam complimented like that hon.  I imagine that you feel hugely proud of him, but a little sad too, 'cause he's growing up.  It happens too quickly doesn't it!

Yaaay for your romantic weekend :o)  Enjoy your night out tonight :o)

Sara   xxx