Sunday, 21 September 2008

fed up, tired, but not so confuzzled.

Im a little grumpy coz I cant sleep.

Not so confuzzled anymore.

Crowhurst cant offer me a permanent job coz they cant afford to take on anymore staff. Crazy really because I will just go on working there and filling in for staff anyway! Im casual you see - so at anytime they could say sorry no work! But its been like that for six years.

Anyway, so I only have Tesco to think about now then. I went to the open day at the Innovation Centre!! It was a bit naff really - it was like a load of sheep being herded in then out again! We all just followed each other, sat and listened then that was it! I was a bit concerned as they were asking people to fill out application forms and I had already done mine and was told that I had passed the application stage.  You see I applied for Team Leader position a few weeks ago.  Most people there today were applying for Customer Assistant jobs. Anyway, this nice man took me to see a nice lady and they told me not to worry they just wanted me to do the open day and that I would get an interview probably by the end of the week!! So fingers crossed!!

So many of my friends have applied to Tesco. In fact, the whole of Hastings has applied I reckon! At least Im one step ahead of most having passed the application stage.

Sam has got his drum kit!! He is very good at it actually - I was pleasantly surprised. And yes Diama they are very much in to rock! They like Metallica, Slip Knot - Enter Shakari etc. etc. you might know those bands hun, I dont! LOL

Joe has his guitar assessment tomorrow for his new guitar lessons. He is going to learn rock on his electric guitar - he already is pretty good!

Im writing this late because Im up and cant sleep because of my bloomin back again! I had a few days of sleeping really well but this weekend Ive not slept well at all. Think it might be that my mind is all over the place. I will feel better once I have settled into a job and know where I am.

I can't seem to put my mind to anything at the moment. I have about four books on the go! Im halfway through two films! I want to do scrapbooking, then card-making, then drawing, then reading,then writing but then nothing! I wish I could settle - so many things I want to do then I dont do them! Im back to college to finish my Science off - I cant get back into it yet and havent done any homework!! I will get there though.

Laine xxxxxx


sdrogerson said...

I'm up creating sitemap.xml files for google
You could be listening to Century Classics just now!!!

ally123130585918 said...

Laine I do wish you Luck with your application at Tesco's ~ cannot understand Crowhurst not offering you full time work when you have been there for Six Years ~ Glad Sam is enjoying his Drum Kit and I hope Joe's guitar assessment goes well ~ Hope you get some good nights sleep ~  there is nohing worse than sleepless nights ~ Ally x

egre328 said...

Laine, fingers crossed for the job at Tescos.  Eileen x

labdancer51 said...

It sounds as if you might get the job Laine, I`ll keep my fingers crossed for you. I`m grumpy for the same reasons, bad back and much lack of sleep. I really hope tonight will bring some much needed ZZZZZZ`s ! ;o)))

Love Sandra xxxx