Monday, 15 September 2008

Drumkits and things

I just won a drum kit on Ebay - nooooooo not for me!!! Sam wants it! What have I let myself in for!! Anyway, great excitement here tonight that we won the bid!! Sam became 15 on 7th September!!  Yes you heard me right he is 15!! My boy!! Awww bless him! Now he is spending his birthday money on a drum kit!! hmmmmph!! Anyway, its got silencers on it - made sure of that!!

Joe is still doing well with his guitar - infact, he is very good!

I feel in a writing mood - not been in a writing mood for ages and ages as you well know!! I dont even think Ive got any readers left - well obviously I wouldnt coz I havent written LOL!!

Ive been addicted to Facebook - met up with alot of old friends from school and it is really good. Gave up with Myspace - dont do that anymore!

Ive also been reading alot. At the moment I am reading a Sue Townsend book - its called the Queen and I. I was thinking of getting it on audio as I think it will be much funnier when you can hear the accents - the queen talking queen and Prince Charles. Well anyway, it is very good!

Well lots to tell you - but I dont know where to start! Maybe I might make another entry soon. You never know!

Laine xxx


egre328 said...

Hehehehehe......a drum kit?  Hope you have warned the neighbours!. Eileen x

madcobug said...

Oh No! A drum. I can hear the band over their speakers with their drums over at the high school when they practice or have games. I hope he enjoys learning how then playing it. Children do grow up fast. Have a good week. Helen

sugarsweet056 said...

of course you have readers left! i'm here. lol
i never had any luck with ebay. congrats1
a drum set, did you get ear plugs too? lol
have a good week.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Silly Lanie...glad you were in a writting mood...Wishing Sam a happy birthday!  Hugs,TerryAnn

ally123130585918 said...

Hope Sam had a happy Birthday ~ Joe with his guitar and Sam with his Drums you will be able to have your own band ~ you could maybe get a tambourine to make it a Trio ~ can't wait to see you on "X~Factor" :o) ~ Ally x

sarajanesmiles said...

I liked that book... The Queen and I... maybe I will look out for that on audio too :o)

Lainey Laine :o)

And her musical boys :o)

You make me smile hon!

Sara   xxx

jeanno43 said...

It is nice to see you writing again.  We seem to be losing so many people, this is the quietest year I have ever known on journals.  Some have taken extended breaks and some have just gone.
Well, that is great about the drum kit, hope you can stand the noise.  Could we have a future star in the making?

labdancer51 said...

Hi Lainey,  A drum kit...umm, well I`m sure you know what you`re! ;o)

Love Sandra xxxx

cherry2sweet2eat said...

thats cool a possible rock band coming up?