Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Im confuzzled I am!!! OOOOOH I dont know what to do!!!

Ive been working in Reception lately at Crowhurst Park. Quite like it but not got contracted hours yet! Well Im casual if you know what I mean. Im still doing the cleaning there too and Ive been there for over 6 years so Im very comfortable there and got lots of friends.

But.............. I have applied to work at our brand new super dooopery dooo biggest ever Tesco Extra. Which is just up the road and I have applied to be a Team Leader. There is also a chance to do graduate training and become management!! Ive got the interview on Sunday at 10am. Its their recruitment weekend!!

Now the bosses at Crowhurst know Im going for a Tesco job they want to try keep me there and offer me permanent hours - but its not all confirmed yet!!

Hmmmmmmm do I stay where Im comfortable or do I take on a new challenge.

Yes Im still wanting to do teaching but thats on hold for a couple of years - cant afford to do it at the mo. Need to work for the money.


ally123130585918 said...

Go for the interview Lainey ~ you can't lose anything and may gain a lot ~ you were always up for a new challenge and if the job you are casual at now comes up with a better offer well you could then make up your mind ~ don't miss out on what may be a great job ~ Ally x

egre328 said...

Attend the interview Lainey and ask some pertinent questions.  Then when you are back at home write a "for" and "against" list and see if that leads you to any decision.  Sometimes something just feels right and only you can know that.  Eileen x

labdancer51 said...

The last two comments said it all Lainey, you ghave nothing to lose by attending the interview. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

sarajanesmiles said...

I would stay put where I was comfortable.  That's just me though, I don't like change :o)  You have to do what would be right for you m'dear.  You are lovely and you make friends easily, so I'm sure that wherever you go you will end up feeling comfty.

Good luck for that interview Lainey Laine!!

Sara   xxx

nightmaremom said...

hey hon... thanks for stopping by...    I say go on the interview and let it play out.  Don't try to pre-plan... see what happens you don't have to decide today.  Comfy is not always best.  See what each offers and what fits YOUR needs :)
Good luck