Thursday, 13 September 2007

Working at the school

Thank you to you all you are all so kind and good to me - thank you so much for all your support and Im so sorry Ive not been visiting your journals - really bad of me!! Im gonna really try hard to make a date with my puter and concentrate on journals!!  You are such good friends!

Sara thanks for offering tips to me - I probably will be wanting your advise on stuff!! I didnt have a very good day to day with little boy number one - I will call them number one, number two and number three as I cant mention names, obviously!  Well I see number one first thing til 10.15 and so far Ive had great times with him although he can be fidgety because of his ADHD - anyway, today we did not have a good day at all - It was P.E., and it was dance and he said he didnt like dance and refused to do it.  I said to him ok he didnt have to but could he sit with me for five minutes then we could go and do a puzzle.  But, the other Teaching Assistant came over and tried to get him to join in so he was rude to her and refused point blank so she told him that Mrs Sayers would take his playtime away!! Awwwww I didnt want to do that! Anyway, he ended up with no play and he was cross with me coz I had said about the puzzle but because she has been there longer and I thought she knows better I said to him well Number one you were rude to Mrs H so I have to take your play away.  He said that he wanted to trash the classroom and he was going to run away - he didnt but I felt so bad - I told him that it was disappointing that he had to behave that way and he said he didnt care so I said well then I dont care!! Awwww I didnt want to fall out with him!! I feel bad now - this is not going to be an easy job.

I had a lovely time with my boy number two though today - he is in year six and is about 10 or 11 years old.  We did maths together today and we got on really well so that was good! He has ADHD and he hasnt been in school for over two years - but we get on well.

My boy number three who is 8 years old like my number one boy!  Well I wasnt with him today - I start with him on Monday properly but Im going in to see him tomorrow.  Well I went to see him yesterday and what a scene I came across!! The poor teacher was on her own.  My boy number three was on the table throwing books at children - the children were crying and fighting. My boy number three was screaming.  I didnt know what to do I'd never done this before! Anyway, I coaxed my boy down and I told him about my Oscar - thank heaven for my Oscar!! In the end we made a book all about Dogs, Cats and Elephants! It wasnt easy though inbetween times he was very disruptive, pinching other children, shouting, kicking furniture, he pushed me, he took someones violin and started playing it (found it hard not to laugh at that point) then eventually I did calm him but heaven!!!! Ive got to do this every day!!  I wrote an email to the teacher and she wrote back saying I did a brilliant job!!! Crikey I didnt think I did! She said that together we will crack it!! I think she is lovely and I hope we can but the class is so disruptive how can I get my boy number three to calm down!!!  Anyway, he has started on a drug called retillin or something - Im not sure if thats right.  Poor little lad! Wish I could take him home - look after him, let him have nice bath, play with my doggy and sod all the school bloody rules!! Awww makes me want to cry!!  Awwww how am I gonna do this job - its hard, its hard!!! I dont know what to do - how do I stop him hitting people and swearing and running away and kicking things. When I am firm with him he doesnt listen the only time he listens to me is when Im with him just the two of us.   Ive got the plans for all the lessons now from the teacher and Im going to try devise his own little timetable of events in short time spans as he is ADHD and we think autistic too, also think he has tourettes.  Watch this space Im not sure this is the job for me!! And may I say well done if you read all this!!!  Any advise is more than welcome!!!

Love Lainey Laine

p.s. my John away tonight and Im missing him madly!!!



sdrogerson said...

catching last

sarajanesmiles said...

((((( 'cause you're missing your John )))))

Lainey, it sounds to me as if you did just the right thing with boy No.3... distraction is the first thing I try, every time.  Talking to him about your Oscar was a great idea.  What a situation, I'm thinking that the teacher must be very glad that you will be there from Monday!!

Sara   xxx

sugarsweet056 said...

Just to say HI!

nightmaremom said...

awwwwwwww sorry John is away.  Hugs to you.  Sounds like you have things under control  Bravo!!

cherry2sweet2eat said...

thanks for my gift.

louiseb411 said...

I dont envy you! Glad its going so well, a friend of mine does the same job and I know from her how stressful it is. Louise xx

jeadie05 said...

I am full of admiration for you Laine well done, I hope it gets better Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

Laine,it doesn't sound like the teachers there have any idea how to deal with autistic kids! Andy's sister is a trained consultant in Autism and has been all over the world training people how to deal with autism. She's had some amazing results with kids she's looked after, I'll email you the link to her web site if you like. They have an office here in Brighton, maybe your school could talk to them and get tips, it'd make your job a lot easier. Jeannette xx  

zoepaul6968 said...

hey hun if nothing else,boy number 1 is a challenge,he wants you to keep at it with him,he needs the stimulation,hes latched onto you,so grit your teeth and get to know him,youll be rewarded no doubt about it,but be strong,he responds better that way then if you were to give in to him,hes testing you,well done so far,all the best love zoe xx

haileen2003 said...

You must have some patience, and a talent if you can deal with these Children...Bless! Bet the School are so happy to have you, and if you can do it, so rewarding.