Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Hello all and thanks for visiting me yesterday even though Ive not got my alerts on and visiting you I really appreciate you coming to me! Ive just not had time to visit you all yet - I will truly make up for it when I get back from hols!!

notes to the peeps:

Stuart: We are going to Breydon Water Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth - google it in and you'll see! It's one of those parks with everything - shops, restaurants and swimming pools etc. So not a true camping experience as we have everything on site!

Eileen: Thanks the boys had a great time with my Mum and Dad! They are now really excited about going camping!

Sara my lovely Sara: Thanks for missing me and all your comments on Myspace - you really did think of me every day - what a lovely friend you are!! Lots of hugs and kisses for you! Whoops sorry just did a purple burp!! pardon me!

Diama! They found my case Diama! yay!! That means your gift is safe! Awww I do hope you like it - I wont be able to send it to you til I get my case back - which will probably be after my hols now - so awww your gonna have to wait bit longer! I hope its not a let down when you do finally get it!

Sugar, Jan and Terry: thanks for the birthday wishes!! Im really going to be 21 again! 42!! Hee hee. xxx

Love Laine xxxx


sdrogerson said...

thanks you
we will be away a week tomorrow for a fortnight........
in our centrally heated caravan

sugarsweet056 said...

Sending hugs!!!!!

am4039 said...

How nice to be 21 again. LOL

sarajanesmiles said...

Of course I missed you, I had no Lainey to be daft with :o)
You need to sort out those purple burps m'dear... I'm starting to worry about you!
So glad they found your case.
Sara   xxx

louiseb411 said...

Glad you had a good holiday and here hoping the weather is nice for your next! You are now the same age as me! Louise x

cherry2sweet2eat said...


egre328 said...

Hey, your case turned up - great!  Hope you are all having a great time camping.  Eileenx