Monday, 20 August 2007

Majorca was lovely

Hello all,

Sorry its been so long! I've just come back from Majorca! Oh what a wonderful time we had and what lovely sandy beaches there are there. And what lovely heat over 30 C everday!! Yay it was lovely!!

Flippin Thomas Cook though have lost my suitcase - I just hope it turns up soon as its got all my clothes in it coz I take everything on holiday  - awwwwww and Diama if your reading I bought you a lovely gift and its in my case - so I hope it comes back so I can sent it to ya!!

I'm away again on 24th (my birthday!) and we are going camping til 31st - so I wont be puttting my alerts back on yet!! Miss you all.

Love Laine xxxxx


sugarsweet056 said...

Glad you had fun! Hope your suitcase turns up. {{}}
HB to you!!!! Since you'll be gone on your bd I'm wishing you a happy one now. :)
Big hugs,

sdrogerson said...

it's great to have you back
where are you going campin g~?

jeadie05 said...

A Happy Birthday for the 24th ,so pleased you had a good holiday,do hope your suitcase turns up Jan xx

tellsg said...

Welcome back sweetie.  Glad you enjoyed your hol but sad that your case has been lost, hope you get it back.  Happy birthday for the 24th.  Hugs, Terry x

sarajanesmiles said...

Aww Lainey... so glad you enjoyed yourself hon.
Missed you so much.
They lost your suitcase though???
Hope it's back with you very soon, grrr at Thomas Cook!!!
Does a happy dance, 'cause Lainey is back :o)
Sara   xxx

cherry2sweet2eat said...

AWW LAINEY?! IM bout to cry. Thank you so much. Enjoy yourself.

egre328 said...

Glad you had a great holiday, but awwwww your poor suitcase and all your clothes!  Hope it soon turns up.  Eileenx  PS Have the boys had a good time at Grandmas?